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Science-based technology company 3M have added nine new colours to their popular WRAP FILM SERIES 1080 range, including three multicolour, dimensional ‘colour flip’ options – Gloss Flip Electric Wave, Satin Flip Caribbean Shimmer and Satin Flip Glacial Frost. And we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities at 3SixtyWraps…

The impressive new colour Flip Wrap options allow 3M’s customers to experiment and get creative with an eye-catching multi-coloured effect, which shifts according to lighting and viewing angles. The films refract shades of purple, deep teal and soft blue, helping to create a stunning prismatic finish that looks incredible in any setting.

Satin, sparkle & glossy

The newly expanded colour range also includes a great selection of satin, sparkle and glossy colours. New wrap colour options include, Gloss Storm Grey, Satin Gold Dust Brick Black, Gloss White Gold Sparkle, Cinder Sparkle Red, Gloss Ice Blue and Satin Frozen Vanilla.

3M commercial solutions division marketing team leader Penelope Webley told PrintWeek: “These wrap films give a customer the opportunity to create their own look. Whether they want to wrap just the roof and wing mirrors or they want a full wrap, they can choose from our wide range of vehicle personalisation products to get a unique finish on their vehicle.

“The trio of new colour flip shades exhibit lively polychromatic effects that create unique, multi-colour dimensions that shift under different viewing angles and lighting.”

A perfect application

The 1080 Series range is ready to use straight from the box and combines 3M’s Controltac and Comply v3 pressure-activated adhesive features for a hassle-free, smooth application.

Controltac technology allows graphics to be repositioned before the adhesive is activated for perfect results. The non-visible air channels of the Comply v3 adhesive enable fast and bubble-free application every time.

Offering up to six years of durability

The removable, duel cast film offers up to six years of durability, sufficient rigidity to allow for easy handling without the need for application tape, is highly weather resistant and is suitable for flat surfaces and simple curves.

Take a closer look at the range in this introductory video:

3M Wrap Film Series 1080 range - Glacial Frost

The time has come, we are pleased to introduce 9 brand new colours to the 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 range. Don’t miss our brand new Flip Wrap, a unique, multicolour dimensional wrap film from 3M. #Flip #Sparkle #Satin #Gloss #AVWs #Wrap

Posted by 3MWrapsUK on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The incredibly popular and versatile 1080 series is ideal for creating attention-grabbling vehicle wraps and graphics. The original 1080 Series range features a wide range of colours and includes matte, metallic, brushed metal, and carbon fiber finishes.

Films are available in 1.52mm-wide rolls, allowing any section of a vehicle to be wrapped without seams. The thickness measures 0.09mm without adhesive and 0.11mm with adhesive.

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