We Now Offer Windscreen Tear-offs Throughout the UK

Do you follow us on social media? If so, you’ll know that last month a few members of the 3SixtyWraps team flew out to Dubai for some extra-special training courtesy of DRD International.

Just in case you missed it, we thought we’d bring you a round-up of our trip. Warning: this post contains graphic images of some seriously special cars.

The one-stop shop for car exteriors

At 3SixtyWraps we’re no strangers to endurance racing. Over the years, we have helped several racing teams prepare for these incredible events by adding high quality wraps and decals to their cars. However, it has been a longstanding ambition of ours to be able to offer teams a fully comprehensive service for the exterior of their cars.

Now, thanks to DRD International, that dream has become a reality. In January, they kindly invited us over to the first race of the 2017 endurance racing calendar, the Dubai 24 Hour Race, to learn how to properly apply tear-off windscreens. We spent an incredible week learning from the very best in the industry and we’re pretty chuffed to be able to say that we can now offer a tear-off windscreen service to racing teams and individuals across the UK.

6 Layer windscreen tear off completed on this beast!

6 Layer windscreen tear-off completed on this beast

“Going to Dubai for the Dubai 24 Hour Race gave us the opportunity to learn the product in a real-world environment, which is priceless,” explains Nick Kenway, Managing Director of 3SixtyWraps.

The beauty of tear-off windscreens is that they can be quickly and easily torn off during a race to reveal a clean, undamaged windscreen underneath. This has made them extremely popular in the motorsport endurance racing market.


3 Layer tear-off windscreen being fitted on a Lamborghini Huracan!

3 Layer tear-off windscreen being fitted on a Lamborghini Huracan! 

“In endurance racing, the car windscreens get really dirty and chipped, especially in Dubai because there is a lot of sand on the tracks as you can image,” says Nick. “After a certain amount of time the damage builds up on the windscreen, which isn’t ideal for driver visibility. A tear-off windscreen is the perfect solution to this problem.”

What is a tear-off windscreen?

“Basically, it’s three-layer film that you install directly on top of the windscreen,” says Nick. “When you pull off a layer you reveal a brand new, unchipped screen underneath.

“Before this training, we were not able to offer tear-off windscreens, but now it’s another feather to our bow. Before we would go in and put paint protection on, apply the wrap to the car and then apply all the decals and sponsors. But up until now we’ve had to walk away or recommend a competition for the tear-off windscreens. Now we can be the one-stop shop for the complete outside of the vehicle.”

Nice little picture of a screen midway through being installed on an AMG Mercedes

Nice little picture of a screen midway through being installed on an AMG Mercedes

Which cars can benefit from tear-off windscreens?

Although predominately in use in the motorsport endurance and luxury car markets, tear-off windscreens can be installed on any car. For just a few hundred pounds, they can protect cars against costly windscreen damage caused by stone chips and debris on the road.

3 ferraris and and a rollsroyce just for good measure

Just your average morning walk; 3 Ferraris and and a Rolls Royce just for good measure

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