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Since the inaugural rally way back in 1999, GUMBALL RALLY 3000 has earned the reputation as the world’s most lavish supercar rally. And for good reason too. The cars involved don’t come cheap – they are some of the world’s fastest and most expensive.

2016’s tour was held earlier this month and charted a 3,000 mile course between Dublin and Bucharest. Over one million people lined the route hoping to catch a glimpse of the celebrities and cars taking part, and this year the team from 3SixtyWraps was amongst them! But we didn’t go just to watch. We were there to work. Take a good look at the cars in this blog. We’ve worked on every single one of them. Jealous much?

At 3SIXTYWRAPS, we’re known for our high quality work, so we were the natural choice when the Gumball Rally 3000 organisers were looking for a skilled, reliable team to apply the standard decal kits to the cars taking part in the event earlier this May. Working in partnership with GRAND DESIGN SYSTEMS, owner Nick Kenway and the 3SixtyWraps team oversaw the flawless application of decals to almost 100 high-end supercars – an opportunity many car fanatics would pay for.

We caught up with Nick to find out whether getting involved with the rally was as much fun as it looked…


“We were contracted to supply all of the standard decal kits,” Nick explained. “There were 90 cars for us to livery, so it was a big job. Working to artwork that was supplied to us, we used nearly 1000 metres of cut vinyl graphics and we sent a team of 10 guys over to Ireland to complete the install – which took 2 full days.”

For Nick and the rest of the team, working on the cars was a dream come true. “We got to see some amazing cars that on an average day we’d never get to see,” he said. “It’s a privilege to work on high performance cars when you’re used to working on vans and stuff – so it was thoroughly good fun. Hard work, but definitely good fun!”

Nick’s favourite supercar was the Porsche 918 Spyder – nicknamed the ‘Banana Car’ at this year’s event. If you’ve got a bit of spare cash down the back of the sofa, it could be yours for only £1.5 million. Take a look!

Following two days of intensive work to get the decals installed, Nick and his team were relieved to finish on time – not that they were surprised, these guys are pros after all.

“We were all standing on the start line as we watched all the cars leaving for Bucharest,” said Nick. “We all felt really proud that we’d pulled it off, and that we’d hit the deadline with a few hours to spare!”


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