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How many times have you found yourself on a Sunday evening watching the last of your weekend trickle away with a heavy heart and cursing the fact you have to drag yourself back to the office the following day?

The corporate executives listed below have figured out that employment motivation is as much linked to their environment as it is to their pay packet, and so have invested heavily in sprucing up the workplace with some seriously cool graphics. We bet Monday wouldn’t feel quite such a slog if you worked here!


Back in 2013, Adobe commissioned Rapt Studios with the challenging task of adding a touch of flair and style to its new offices in Lehi, Utah. After relocating to the so-called “Silicon Slope” outside of Salt Lake City, Adobe were in search of something bold and daring to draw attention to their new home and match the innovation they show in their products. The result? A vibrant mix of dripping paint, colourful computer mice, elegant typography and one giant mural of a doodling girl. We like.


When Airbnb requisitioned Gensler design team to revamp their San Francisco offices, they didn’t ask for much. Just complete and total harmony between the firm’s culture and ideals, the people of San Fran, the heritage of the site itself and sustainability in all aspects of design and construction, that’s all. After spending four months amongst the Airbnb workforce, the Gensler came up with this breath-taking space which allows employees to choose where and how they will work on any given day of the week. No private offices included – not even for the executives. Now that’s open-plan.


When bouncing around ideas for the design of its new offices in Seattle, Facebook sent its entire staff a list of keywords to sound out which ones they were most keen on. “Making the World More Connected” and “Hacker” came up trumps after an internal vote, so the Facebook minions scurried off to Ryan and Dan Clark, a brotherly design duo better known as Invisible Creature. The siblings decided that connecting this world with others was entirely within Facebook’s capabilities and so fashioned this eye-catching mural of a cyber-spaceman wielding a “Hack” flag. One small step for Facebook, one giant leap for mankind!


Google have a reputation as being an awesome place to work, so it’s little surprise that there Tel Aviv office in Israel is so spectacular. The company takes up an impressive 8,000 square metres, which constitutes an entire eight floors of the iconic Electra Tower – and every floor is modelled on a different theme inspired by aspects of Israeli life. With indoor trees, surfboards and huge slides, the office really does resemble a playground for the young at heart. Are you hiring by any chance, Google?

Does your office need an office graphic?

All of the companies mentioned above are household names with vast resources and budgets devoted to optimising their workspaces. However, as is demonstrated in the last example, great design can be created easily and cost-effectively using retail graphics and wall wraps.

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