4 Ways to Transform Your Office with Interior Wall Wraps

Interior wall wrap

Is your office space dull and dreary? If so, a custom interior wall wrap could be the perfect solution. As well as being incredibly durable and quick to install, wall wraps also apply perfectly on virtually any surface. You don’t even need to plaster, seal or render walls beforehand.

Ready to give your office a facelift? Here are four ways you can achieve a total office transformation with interior wall wraps and graphics.

1: Display your company logo in the reception area

Every visitor, client and employee will pass through your foyer or reception area before entering your office. There’s no better place to display your company logo and mission statement to promote and reinforce brand awareness amongst both staff and visitors.

If you’re promoting a particular product or service, you could install a promotional wrap in your reception area to ensure maximum exposure and brand awareness amongst visitors.

2: Brighten up dull spaces

If your office is in desperate need of an injection of colour, vinyl wall wraps are an excellent option. Best of all, there’s no limit to how creative you can get. Whether you want to install a giant puppy mural across one wall in your doggy day care centre or inspire your sales team with inspirational and motivational quotes throughout the office, it’s quick and easy when you opt for vinyl wall wraps.

Wall wraps don’t just brighten up dull spaces, they can even help to bring your team together and nurture brand identity. A whopping 47% of employees report feeling in tune with their brand through the use of wall graphics.

3: Tell your story

One of the best things about custom wall wraps is that they allow you to create a totally unique theme and design. Unlike with paint or wallpaper, you aren’t limited to a set colour or pattern. YOU create the vision and identity you want.

Why not take advantage of the convenience of this flexibility and use wall wraps to provide your customers and staff with important company information? Key training points and company values can be clearly displayed on your walls for all staff members to see. You could even include a timeline of your company’s history and achievements along one wall.

4: Get creative

Prefer to think outside the box? Custom wall wraps don’t have to be used on your office walls, they can be installed pretty much anywhere in your office. From the desks of your break room to the elevator doors in your lobby, wall wraps look awesome on any surface.

The cost-effective way to achieve an office transformation

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