5 Reasons to Update Your Company Van Signwriting

Van with company signwriting


Do you want to impress clients, promote your business wherever you go, and benefit from an enhanced brand image? Signwriting and vehicle graphics are the way to go.

If you already have signwriting in place, it may be time for a revamp. There are plenty of reasons why updating your decals and signwriting is a great idea – here are just five of them!

1. It’s valuable advertising space

Do you use a company vehicle to get to work and client meetings? If so, there’s a HUGE advertising opportunity for you to take advantage of. Your vehicle is prime advertising space. Why not make the most of it? After all, there’s no better way to promote your business literally everywhere you go.

2. It will never stop working for you

Company signwriting NEVER takes a day off. It’s there, working hard to promote your business, 24/7. Whether you’re at a job and you’ve parked on the high-street for the day or you’re travelling across the country, your signwriting will tag along for the ride. This level of mobile advertising and promotion is priceless.

3. Shabby signwriting reflects poorly on your business

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there’s a lot of competition out there. One of the simplest tips for staying one step ahead of the competition is to make sure that your company cars always look their best. Faded, peeling graphics are a big no-no, and no amount of wax and polish can disguise them. Treat your fleet to a freshly applied wrap or graphic.

4. You’ll enhance your brand image

Is it time for a company rebrand? If you’ve recently overhauled your company website or redesigned your logo, it might be time to turn your attention to your business’s cars and vans. When you tie your brand together online and in person, you help to create a stronger, more professional brand image.

5. Social media matters

More businesses than ever before are online. In addition to a website, many have social accounts on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Once you have set up your business’s social accounts, it’s important to promote your social media presence to the wider world. This is where your company vehicle can come in handy.

If your old signwriting only promotes your website, you’re potentially missing out on new business from people who would rather do a quick search for your username on Facebook or Instagram than seek out your website. Update your signwriting to include your social media contact details and make the most of your online social influence.

Is it time for a new look?

3Sixtywraps is an award-winning vehicle graphics and signwriting company based in Northampton. We’ve helped thousands of businesses freshen up their company van signwriting, and we can help you too.

From vehicle signwriting to custom graphics and colour wraps, we do it all. Speak to the team today on 01604 645 826 or email info@3sixtywraps.uk to find out more.



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