Bus, Truck & Trailer Wraps

They say size doesn’t matter. And here at 3SixtyWraps, it’s true. It doesn’t matter how big or small your fleet is, we can wrap any bus, truck, trailer or lorry. Go on, put us to the test.

Bus, Truck & Trailer Wraps

They say size doesn’t matter. Here at 3SixtyWraps, that’s entirely true. It doesn’t matter how big or small your fleet is, we can wrap any bus, truck, trailer or lorry. Go on, put us to the test.

With over a decade of experience leading the vehicle wrapping industry, we have the expertise, knowledge, and the most modern and innovative techniques to ensure a quality finish, whatever the size and shape of your ride.

Here at 3SixtyWraps, we understand that vehicle wrapping is a must have for all business vehicle, from buses, to trucks, to trailers and every vehicle in between. If you have a vehicle which needs wrapping, you can guarantee we have done it before, and we will do it again.

The team at 3SixtyWraps are passionate about motors and vehicle graphics; we are all committed to providing our highly valued clients with results that exceed their expectations every time.

Expert Bus, Truck & Trailer Wrapping

Vehicle wraps are a great potential for an advertising platform, and large vehicles are an unmissable opportunity for advertising. Most lorries, buses, trucks and trailers travel hundreds or even thousands of miles every single week for business purposes, and that huge moving billboard is being seen by a huge audience of motorists and pedestrians. It’s simply crying out to be used to market your business.

3SixtyWraps design and apply graphics to any large-scale vehicle, or even a fleet of large vehicles with a maximum capacity of 100 vehicles. We have an array of satisfied clients. You’ll get that same high-quality, professional finish we’ve become renowned for, only on a grander scale. In the hands of our fully-qualified expert team, you’re on to a winner.

What Can I Expect?

You’re in the hands of experts, so expect nothing less than complete professionalism, encyclopaedic knowledge and unrivalled skill from 3SixtyWraps. From the word go, you’ll be looked after. All you have to do is let us know what you are envisaging, your requirements and time scales, and we’ll get the project started.

To start with, we will discuss any ideas you already have with you, and from there we will be able to begin the designing process. You’ll receive a batch of designs for review, and we’ll create a fully-scaled template of your vehicle. If needed, you can make as many changes as required until you are 100% happy, and only then will we get started on your project.

Then, our installation team will use the most modern, innovative techniques to install the specifically designed vehicle wrap. Installation is quick and efficient, there is no need to worry about your vehicles being off the road; we will make sure that your vehicles will be back out on the road and doing their job in no time at all. 3SixtyWraps will work out-of-hours and even over the weekend, keeping disruption and vehicle downtime to an absolute minimum.

We guarantee that the finished graphics will be breathtakingly good. We make sure that we exceed the expectations of our clients every time, and we take pride in the projects we complete.

Our long list of highly valued and successful clients are testimonial to our quality, professional services, and we are proud of our achievements in the industry so far.


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