High Visibility & Chapter 8 Graphics

Our high visibility and Chapter 8 graphics are perfect when your vehicles need to be noticed and – most importantly – when they need to be up-to-scratch with health & safety regulations.

High Visibility & Chapter 8 Graphics

Our high visibility and Chapter 8 graphics are perfect when your vehicle/s need to be noticed and most importantly when they need to be up-to-scratch with health and safety regulations.

At 3SixtyWraps, we specialise in high visibility and Chapter 8 vehicle graphics. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the area, you can count on us to provide you with a great service, working to your requirements and time frames, and resulting in a high quality, professional result to the upmost standard.

At 3SixtyWraps, we are committed to providing you with the service you need to obtain excellent vehicle graphics. The high visibility and Chapter 8 vehicle graphics industry is fast paced and imperative, often meaning tight deadlines and important health and safety requirements to be followed to precise measures.

High Visibility Graphics that Demand Attention

Emergency services. Highway maintenance. Breakdown recovery. In some industries, vehicles need to be highly visible, without exception. Stand-out graphics are a health and safety must-have, protecting staff and the public in high risk environments.

With the introduction of Chapter 8, vehicles that stop for work or inspection purposes on high-speed roads are advised to have specific hi-vis markings as well, for the same reasons. The guidelines are not yet legislation, but most responsible employers are adopting Chapter 8 as best practice. In fact, some highway agencies only allow vehicles with Chapter 8 signage on site, which means you will need to take action on your own vehicle as quickly as possible.

Chapter 8 graphics could mean the difference between a safe working environment for your employees and those around them, and the fear of your employees being in danger at their workplace.

Whatever the shape and size of your vehicle, 3SixtyWraps are the go-to place to ensure graphics  meet your health and safety requirements, but also stand the test of time, with a quality finish which is guaranteed to last through the wear and tear of the industry needs. Whatever type of vehicle you need to wrap, you can be sure that we have done it before, and we will do it again to the most impeccable standard.

What can I expect?

Here at 3SixtyWraps, we will help to kit your fleet out with high visibility or Chapter 8 graphics. With much experience and knowledge of the industry, we know that we will provide you with a great service from start to finish, with full knowledge of the health and safety requirements and the skills to create a high quality result.

From the initial phone call, right through the designing process, to the installation of the graphics, we ensure your vehicles meet industry standards. You can count on us every time, without exception to produce the results you require and exceed your expectations with the standard of work we produce. We are confident that we provide the best services for high visibility and Chapter 8 vehicle graphics in the area, using only the most reliable and innovative methods, materials and equipment through the entire process.

To get the ball rolling, just let us know what you need. We can work with any vehicle, big or small, no matter what your trade. We’ve got Chapter 8 graphic kits ready to install, along with bespoke reflective and fluorescent graphics. With the help of our expert team, the entire process is seamless, from the first phone call until the moment you drive away in your fully-compliant vehicle.


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