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Last weekend’s Formula E season-opener in Hong Kong kicked off Season 4 in style.

The action certainly kept the 3SixtyWraps team busy. We were right there in the heart of the action providing support and repair work to several top teams, including Renault eDams, DS Virgin Racing and Panasonic Jaguar.

With Season 4 underway, our thoughts have turned to what lies ahead for Formula E fans in Season 5. With a number of changes planned, including the introduction of a new chassis, we’re facing up to the fact that this season will be the last time we’ll wrap a four-car team from scratch.

In this post 3SixtyWrap’s owner, Nick Kenway, shares his thoughts on what we can expect from next Season 5’s design.

Q: Do you know if 3SixtyWraps will be wrapping the redesigned Formula E car in 2018?

“Assuming we don’t do anything bad this year then yes!” Nick says with a chuckle. “I retain a lot of the customers I have from season to season. I assume I’ll be wrapping for the customers I work for – fingers crossed. We are very fortunate and proud to have such a loyal customer base within the Formula E community who love the work we do.”

Q: What are you expecting from Season 5’s car design?

“Nobody will see it until the early part of next year. Not even the teams have seen it yet. It’s proper hush hush. The renders are online and if it looks anything like them it will look awesome. It’s very different to the current car – it’s more Le Mans style bodywork as opposed to single-seater bodywork.

“It has been designed by Bugatti, so we think it will be pretty futuristic. We can’t wait to see the final design unveiled next year. Watch this space – whatever Bugatti come up with will be amazing, that’s for sure.

“What it’s like to wrap will be another story! Until I see it it’s hard to tell what it will be like to wrap and, even then, it’s hard to know until you see it in the flesh and get your hands on it.”

Q: This year you got to work with graphic designer Sean Ball for the Dragon team. What was that like?

“He’s a really well-known designer and it was great to have the chance to work with him. He does a lot of cool stuff and a lot of renders of retro liveries which we love. This year he worked with Dragon and designed their cars and all their branding.

“We liaised with him for the wrap and design of the car.

“He was very complimentary about what we have done and our working processes too which was great. He was a really nice guy to work for and we would be honoured to work with him again.”


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