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When Dave Smith sold his classic Mercedes-Benz to help get his hands on a 1974 BMW 2002, he knew he had to make some changes for it to be the car he wanted. Going to various companies to improve the 2002’s features, Dave came to 3SixtyWraps to create a livery that would do this vintage car justice.

Featured in the BMW Performance Magazine, we’re incredibly proud to have worked on such a unique and remarkable car.

The first step of our end-to-end service is always to sit down with the client and create a design that is exactly what they are looking for. We worked closely with Dave to nail the look of the BMW, focusing on what colours and shapes suited it best whilst leaving space to incorporate the logos of the select specialist companies that had also helped modify and upgrade this car.

Our main source of inspiration was from the mid-1990s BMW E30 M3 touring car, going for a Marlboro-inspired livery in order to give Dave’s BMW a racing look that was retro yet timeless. Our expert team knows exactly how to translate designs across from cars and we reimagined the livery for it to perfectly fit the shape and size of the smaller 1974 BMW.

Wrapped at our workshop, our team used first-rate techniques and the best materials and equipment, giving the car a full Alpine-white respray before installing the custom livery. Though less complicated to work on and take apart than modern cars, we understand the delicacy required when working on older cars.

We appreciate that such vehicles are priceless and carry their own story and treat them as such,  working with expert handling needed when dealing with trim parts and small clips and bolts that may have seized over time.

With many changes being made to the original vehicle, such as the engine, wheels, chassis and interior, it was highly important that we delivered a supreme quality livery that would help transform this car into the car of Dave’s dreams.

The end product, we feel, is a timeless classic car, brimming with personality, whose features look immaculate.

Our team is incredibly passionate about what they do, with years’ worth of experience in commercial livery, and love working on all types of vehicles, regardless of the shape or the size. It was a pleasure to carry out this bespoke request and work on such a special vehicle.

We love our work and specialise in delivering a fast and efficient service that caters your requirements and exceeds your expectations. With our decades’ worth of happy clients, now including Dave, we’d love for you to be our next.

If you’d like to know more about our services, commercial and custom, and want to discuss how we could help bring your vehicle to life, get in touch with us by calling 01604 645826 and speak to one of our expert team members.