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Robocar: Photo courtesy of Roborace / Daniel Simon

Last month saw the official launch of the world’s first electric driverless racing car at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Hundreds of Roborace fans flocked to catch a first glimpse of the futuristic Robocar in all its glory, and it’s fair to say it didn’t disappoint.

“We want people to see this like a Tron, or an Oblivion, or a Star Wars spaceship,” said Justin Cooke, chief marketing officer of Roborace. Cooke and his team have achieved their goal, that’s for sure.

The man responsible for the car’s design, Daniel Simon, is a legend in his own right. He’s created vehicle designs for some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including Tron Legacy, Prometheus and Captain America to name just a few. His vision for the future of the Roborace series is bold, aerodynamic, and unashamedly aggressive.

The crouching, sleek design of the fully electric racecar set many hearts racing when it was finally unveiled – including ours. You see, the 3SixtyWraps team worked secretly on the car before the launch. That’s right, we’ve had out mitts all over the Roborace car and we’re not ashamed to talk about it.

Last year we were contacted by the Roborace team. They were looking for the best motorsport graphics company in the UK; a company capable of installing a perfect full colour wrap capable of withstanding the scrutiny of the world’s leading motorsport fans and commentators. Naturally, they chose 3SixtyWraps.

“We worked alongside Daniel Simon with the wrap, testing various colours and ensuring all the elements were exactly how he wanted them,” explained Nick Kenway, founder of 3SixtyWraps. “He was there with us onsite in Oxford while we were wrapping, so we were working under his instruction and making sure that everything was exactly as he had designed and envisioned it. It was certainly a privilege to work with him. It’s something that I’ll always remember.”

When it came to installation, the pressure was on to have the car wrapped and ready to transport in time to make it to the stage in Barcelona for its official unveiling. Nick and the rest of the team were based in Oxford for four days prepping the graphics, but due to time delays they had only 24 hours to install them. Of course, this didn’t faze them one bit.

“Working on this project was a pretty big deal for our team,” said Nick. “It’s a world first and we’re proud to have been part of it. We had a really good response to the work so it was exciting to see the unveiling. We’re looking forward to seeing it in action later this year.”

Here are a few pictures of the car getting the 3Sixtywraps treatment:

Keep your eyes peeled for more Roborace updates!

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