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Motorbike Wraps

Crank up your wheels with custom, impressive bike wraps

Whether it’s a race, show or just time for a change, there’s no need to damage the existing paintwork on your bike. 3SixtyWraps provides the perfect solution with expert motorbike wrapping.

Bike wrapping is a simple, cost-effective and non-permanent way of transforming motorbikes. It’s used by many professional companies and individuals within the motorbike racing community. With custom designed wraps and graphics, our team can ensure your bikes look the part to match their performance.

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Choose 3SixtyWraps

Here at 3SixtyWraps, we don’t just design and install the bespoke wraps. We go a step further with custom paint protection film kits to keep your new style looking fresh. After the film has been applied, your motorbike will benefit from reduced wear and tear, paint job protection, and a sleek shine. 

Whether you’ve got a specific design in mind, or want us to create something custom, our specialist team is ready to help. We’re creative with our ideas and responsive to your needs and wants, working to give you exactly what you envision. 

  •         Versatile – No matter the size or shape of your bikes, our wrap designs are tailored to the specifics of the vehicle. They go on smooth and seamlessly, with our film protection kit laying overtop like a second skin. There is no wrinkling or creasing. 
  •         3M Accredited – We’ve been assessed and approved by 3M as Authorised Vehicle Wrappers. Thanks to out outstanding score in the assessment, you can guarantee our professionalism and skills. 
  •         Best products – We only use the best wraps available, constantly investing in new products to keep us at the front of the pack. We use only the highest quality materials. 
  •         Ultimate service – Our team are committed to providing the best customer service with a focussed, can-do attitude on every project. From the moment you make first contact with us, we’re focused on making you happy and won’t stop working until you are. 

A fresh look

Our wraps are available in an unlimited number of colour combinations. Do you need a sleek matte black, an eye-catching pearlescent red or a perfect pairing of the two? No problem. 

Simply give us your vision and watch as we bring it to life. Our design experts, in addition to being excellent artists, are also masters of colour. They have extensive knowledge of what colours mesh together and which ones clash, and know which colours give off certain vibes. 

Flexible timeframe

Do you need your bike ready for the next big race? Or have a fleet of bikes in need of a revamp? No need to panic. 

We’re experienced at handling large projects in a short space of time. To give you an idea, we stickered up 150 cars in just a few days for Gumball and can fully wrap over 50 cars in just 2 days. You can expect your project within a few short days, so there’s no need to worry about missing the big race or any important events. 

Look good, feel good

Nobody feels their best on a tired looking bike – and it will inevitably affect performance, whether in races or shows. A fresh new wrap will change all that and crank up the appearance of your bikes, boosting your team’s confidence and moral. Get in touch with our team today for a free, detailed bike wrapping quote that will set you up for success and raise your expectations.