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Colour Change Wraps

Colour Change Wraps

Update your vehicle with custom graphics & colour changing wraps

Need a fresh new look for your vehicle? Maybe a complete colour change or how about some slick custom graphics? 3SixtyWraps has you covered.

Colour changing vehicle wraps have become tremendously popular in recent years, because they not only provide cosmetic benefit, they can also protect your existing vehicles from the usual wear and tear of everyday use.

Custom colour change wraps are a hassle-free and cost-effective way to change the look of your vehicle – whether it’s a regular revamp or a longer term change.

Take a look at our past work for inspiration.

Why 3SixtyWraps?

At 3SixtyWraps, we go further than just changing colours. Our professional design and installation team is determined to create exactly what you have envisioned and help you achieve the look that you’re dreaming of.

No matter how quirky or how challenging, we can bring any idea to life. Choose from hundreds of colour combinations, and a choice of several first-rate finishes.

How about a sleek matte black, or an eye-catching cerise? For 3SixtyWraps, the sky’s the limit. But of course, that’s not all…

Guaranteed results – All of our workmanship at 3SixtyWraps is guaranteed for one year. 3m also offer a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty for the performance of their materials.

Industry-leading products – We only use the best wrapping vinyl on the market, including 3M, Avery & Arlon. We comply to strict standards to continue our use of these certified products.

Choose a design – When it comes to your design, you can give us your own ideas or take advantage of our experienced team. We can create a unique, bespoke concept for your vehicle.

High standards – Each and every vehicle that we work on is fully stripped down, including mirrors, lights, doors, and even handles. We take thorough caution to make sure your wrap is applied properly, resulting in a precise, near-print finish.

On and off with ease

Vehicle wraps from 3SixtyWraps will last you for years. In fact, each of our wraps comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for the performance of the material, plus a 12 month guarantee on our workmanship, meaning we are extremely confident that your wrap will reach the furthest stretches of its lifespan.

But if you do want to sell on or even change your design again before that time is up, you can do so with ease.

Our vehicle wraps are simple to remove and exchange, without any impact on the original paintwork of your vehicle.

Protect your ride

Not only do colour change wraps and graphics look incredible, they also protect your paintwork from the elements. Our durable vinyl wraps serve as an armour against salt, and paint fade from sunlight.

Your vehicle will look stunning in its custom wrap and will stay that way even when you decide to make a change. It’s a win-win situation.

Talk to an expert

Whatever the reason for your colour change, we’re up to the challenge. Let us help express your personality, or extend the reach of your brand’s advertising strategy.

Contact us today for a free quote or to get started now.