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High Visibility & Chapter 8 Graphics

Do the vehicles in your fleet need to be seen?

In some industries, vehicles need to be highly visible, without exception, and to regulations.

Stand-out graphics are a health and safety must-have, protecting staff and the public in high risk environments. Having the proper markers and graphics on your vehicle ensures that it will stand out on busy roads. It’s especially important during the night when collision rates are higher.

According to Chapter 8, section 5 of the Traffic Signs manual, any vehicle stopping on public highways for inspection or other working reasons are required to have conspicuous markings to ensure high visibility. Additionally, it also requires that vehicles that might be stopping on high speed roads have reflective vinyl on the rear.

Safety first – roadwork and highway maintenance is classed as the 16th most dangerous job in the UK, not only for your workers but other drivers and pedestrians as well. Keep safe, call 3SixtyWraps.