6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle wrap

Wraps and graphics are a fantastic way to transform the look of your vehicle. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Everything from road debris to sunlight and even poor maintenance can affect the look and finish of vehicle graphics and wraps.

Is it high time you replaced your vehicle graphics? In this post we’ll look a six warning signs that it’s time to bring your car into the team at 3SixtyWraps for a bit of TLC and a wrap replacement.

Do you know what to look out for?

Peeling edges: A professionally applied wrap can last for as long as five years. A poorly applied wrap might only last a matter of days or weeks before you start to see evidence of lifting and peeling edges. Make sure you get your vehicle in to see an experienced installer as soon as you start to see any lifting or peeling on your car.

Fading: When you first had your vehicle graphic or wrap installed the colours were probably vibrant and could be seen from a mile off. After a few years of constant exposure to the sun and elements on the road, you’ll start to see a degree of fading. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the affected graphic or wrap.

Scratches & scrapes: It’s virtually impossible to avoid the elements altogether. And unfortunately, the elements can inflict a bit of damage on even the most expertly applied vehicle graphic or wrap. If your wrap has been scraped one to many times by road debris and small stones over the years, you might want to consider replacing it to get it looking immaculate again.

You’re bored: With so many wrap colours and finishes to choose from, it’s hard to choose a look for your vehicle. Vehicle wraps and graphics don’t damage the surface of your car (if they are applied by certified installers) so there’s nothing to stop you from switching wraps and graphics when you’re tired of your car’s look.

Bubbles: Air bubbles are a big turn off. Not only do they look ugly, they can also pop and tear open to reveal the original paintwork underneath. If you’ve noticed air bubbles on your vehicle the only way to get rid of them is to take your car into an experienced installer.

Something has changed: Many people use their vehicles to promote their businesses. Whether you own one company car or an entire fleet, it’s important to keep your vehicle graphics and branding looking fresh. Shabby, peeling graphics look unprofessional and will project a negative image of your business.

Damaged vehicle wrap? Call 3SixtyWraps

At 3SixtyWraps we’re proud to be a 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper. This means that we stay up to date on the latest vehicle wrap and graphics techniques.

Noticed damage to a small area of your wrap? It’s not always necessary to replace the entire wrap. Speak to our team today and we’ll figure out what’s best for your vehicle and explain how we can help you repair or replace your vehicle wrap.

3SixtyWraps | Our Services

Welcome to our world! In this post we’ll run through a list of the professional graphics and wrapping services we offer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like additional information about any of our high-quality design and installation services. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Commercial Wraps

vehicle wraps towcester

Commercial vehicle wraps and graphics are a simple, cost-effective way to turn your business fleet into a moving billboard. Whether you’re a solo trader or a larger operation, our team can transform your vehicles with precision application of brand-specific wraps and graphics for your business.

Learn more about our commercial wraps service.

Vehicle Signwriting

United Utilities Peugeot Partner

Promote your business anytime, anywhere, with vehicle signwriting. Whether you’re stuck on the M6 or parked outside a client’s house, your company signwriting will ALWAYS be there to promote your brand and services. 24/7 promotion with zero hassle? That’s the beauty of signwriting.

Learn more about our vehicle signwriting service.

Motorsport Graphics

It’s official: We’ve Wrapped the Coolest Car in Britain

When it comes to motorsport graphics 3SixtyWraps has been leading the pack for years. Our motorsport calendar is jam-packed with projects at the world’s leading racing events, including Formula E, Gumball 3000 and the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Learn more about our motorsport graphics service.

Bus, Truck & Trailer Wraps


Our experienced team wrap all shapes and sizes of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. We can customise almost any design to your needs and match the finish to suit your specific requirements exactly.

Learn more about our bus, truck and trailer wrap service.

Custom Graphics & Colour Wraps

Car Paint Job

We LOVE getting creative with one-off custom graphics projects. It doesn’t matter how wild or wacky your ideas are, we’re here to help you make your dreams a full-colour reality. Go on, put us to the test.

Learn more about our custom graphics and colour wrap service.

Retail Graphics & Wall Wraps

Cartoon theme wall wrap on an office wall


Our graphics service isn’t limited to cars, vans and trucks. If you want to brighten up your shop, office, classroom, gym or even home with a wall wrap, we’re the company for you. From design to installation, we’ll take care of the entire process from start to finish.

Learn more about our retail graphics and wall wraps service.

High Visibility & Chapter 8 Graphics

Daniels Partner vans

At 3SixtyWraps we specialise in high visibility and Chapter 8 vehicle graphics. Stay safe and compliant with health and safety regulations with our precision service. From highway maintenance and breakdown vehicles to construction equipment and plant and machinery, we do it all.

Learn more about our high visibility and chapter 8 graphics service.

Mobile Retail Units

Spinning Chicken Festival

Want to spice up your mobile catering or retail unit with eye-catching graphics? Mobile retail units are typically located in busy, high-traffic environments. To stand out, you’ll need a high-impact design and a flawless finish. Our service doesn’t stop at kiosk wraps either. We can even help you with creating menus and design a bespoke structure for your unit for extra oomph.

Learn more about our mobile retail unit wrap service.

White Label Service

Google Maps Fleet Shot

Take a load off with a little behind-the-scenes help from 3SixtyWraps. Our white hat sub-contact services give you access to our award-winning wrapping expertise without the need to train staff, hire vehicles, or buy materials.

Learn more about our white label service.

Paint Protection Film

Applying Paint Protection Film on a car

High-end car paint protection film (PPF) is the perfect way to keep your vehicle looking factory-fresh for longer. Everyday wear and tear, minor scratches and fading from sunlight can all add up and affect the look of your vehicle. PPF can keep your car looking picture-perfect for longer by adding a protective barrier between the outside world and your perfect paintwork. Our specialist PPF team use the most acclaimed PPF on the market: Premium Shield.

Learn more about our paint protection film (PPF) service.

Windscreen Tear-offs

Tear off   vv

As specialists in the motorsport industry we’re proud to be able to offer our racing clients a comprehensive service for the exterior of their cars. Our four-layer windscreen tear-off installation service is incredibly popular within the hugely competitive motorsport endurance racing market.

Learn more about our windscreen tear-off service.

Contact the team

For more details about any of the services listed above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the 3SixtyWraps team for an informal chat.





What is Vehicle Wrapping? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

What is vehicle wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping in the art of covering a vehicle in printed vinyl or decals to alter its appearance. Wraps can be full (covering the entire vehicle) or partial (covering certain areas, like the roof or bonnet).

Vehicle wrapping is an art form that requires years of training to get right. Wraps can range for very elaborate, intricate designs, to simpler, more understated designs. Examples of vehicle wrapping are all around you, even if you don’t realise it. When they are properly applied, vehicle wraps appear flawless and are virtually indistinguishable from paintwork.

How expensive is vehicle wrapping?

The cost of a vehicle wrap depends on several factors, including quality of materials used, make of vehicle, and of course the size of vehicle to be wrapped. Don’t be fooled into thinking all wraps are created equal – they’re not. If a quote seems too good to be true, it probably is. Here’s a list of a few vehicle wrap disasters to watch out for. Remember: Buy cheap, buy twice.

Can I wrap my vehicle myself?

Technically…you could, but we wouldn’t recommend it. As well as specialist tools and equipment, it takes years of experience and training to master the art of applying vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps. Everything, from the curve of a bumper to the temperature of the air, can affect application. Your best bet is to find a fully trained and certified 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper near you.

Why should I get a vehicle wrap?

A new paint job can be expensive – and restrictive. After all, there are only so many paint finishes available. But when you choose a wrap, your options are virtually endless. Matte, satin, metallic, gloss, textured – there’s a colour and finish to suit every style.

What are the benefits of vehicle wrapping?

Wraps don’t just look great – they also help to protect your original paintwork underneath. An experienced installer will have no problem at all applying and removing your wrap without damaging the paint surface underneath. And when cared for correctly, your wrap could last up to five years. If you choose to have signwriting installed to promote your business, that’s five years of promotion for your business for one set fee. Pretty incredible, right?

Where can I get a vehicle wrap?

You’ve probably noticed dozens of adverts for vehicle graphics and wraps in your local area. However, at 3SixtyWraps we only recommend 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers (3MAVW) to our clients. Why? As 3M AVW’s ourselves, we know that 3MAVW firms have been tested and trained to the highest possible standard and are familiar with the latest application techniques.

Get in touch today to find out more about our award-winning vehicle wrapping service.

Vehicle Wrap Disasters: What to Look Out For

Black car

Do you know what goes into achieving a flawless vehicle wrap? Or what to look out for if you suspect your wrap has been fitted by an inexperienced installer?

In this post, we’ll run through some of the things that set good and bad vehicle wraps apart so that you know what to watch out for.

Lifting & peeling edges

Cheap vehicle wraps are often rushed jobs. When a wrap installation is rushed, it’s likely that shortcuts are taken and proper techniques are not used. This can lead to lots of problems, the most noticeable being lifting and peeling edges.

If you want to avoid a shoddy result, pick an installer with plenty of experience.

Air bubbles

Air bubbles are a major vehicle wrap no-no. They look awful. Not only do they ruin the look of your vehicle, they can tear and leave you with an uneven texture and patches of your original paintwork showing through.

These bubbles don’t always show up immediately, in fact it can take a few weeks sometimes. But when they do, there’s no ignoring them. An experienced installer knows how to expertly apply vinyl to all areas of your vehicle, so you won’t get air bubbles popping up in recessed areas – or anywhere else.

Sticker effect

Once your wrap is installed it should look flawless and it should be difficult to tell whether it is actually a wrap or paint. A cut-price vehicle wrap might make your car look as though someone has applied a giant sticker to it – and that’s not a good look!

Visible seams

Overlapping sections and seams of vinyl can stand out a mile away. If the vinyl has been cut into several smaller pieces and applied by an inexperienced installer the results will be patchy to say the least.

Damage to original paintwork

It takes a lot of time, experience and training to perfect the art of vehicle wrap installation. Inexperienced wrappers put your vehicle at risk of damage from sloppy technique, such as cutting the vinyl against the vehicle and damaging the original paintwork underneath.

Professionally trained installers know which tools and techniques to use for each job, ensuring a perfect finish every time.

Messy edges

A bad trimming technique and un-tucked edges can completely ruin the look of an otherwise perfectly applied wrap. Messy edges are the hallmark of a cheap, poorly installed wrap.

An experienced installer will take the time to ensure that every inch of the wrap has been carefully trimmed and tucked away for an immaculate finish.

Choose the best UK vehicle graphics company

When it comes to vehicle wraps, you really do get what you pay for. We have over a decade of experience installing vehicle wraps and graphics and last year we achieved the status of 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper.

So, for a high-quality finish that will turn heads for all the right reasons, choose the award-winning team at 3SixtyWraps.

6 Ways to Extend the Life of Car Wraps & Graphics

Volkswagen Jetta

If you would like to keep your vehicle wrap or promo graphics looking as-new for as long as possible, it’s important that you know how to properly care for and maintain them.

Many factors can affect the durability and performance of vehicle graphics, including prolonged exposure to pollutants and smog, UV damage and using unsuitable cleaning and waxing products. When properly cared for, a vehicle wrap can last as long as five years.

Here are six ways you can extend the life of car wraps and graphics.

1. Clean regularly

Urban pollution and contaminants, such as smog, chemicals, dust, and debris, can become trapped on the surface of the wrap and affect its durability. The solution? Clean your wrap regularly to wash away this damaging layer.

The best way to clean your wrap is by hand, using water and a mild detergent. Be sure to use a soft cloth (microfibre is best) and rinse the car thoroughly with clean water once you have finished.

 2. Spot clean difficult contaminants

Struggling to remove difficult contaminants, such as bird droppings, tree sap, and bug splatter? Soak them for several minutes with very hot, soapy water prior to your regular cleaning routine. Do not try to scrape or scrub difficult contaminant using abrasive tools, as this may scratch the wrap or vinyl graphic, damaging it permanently.

For stubborn stains, consult the installer for advice on which products and techniques to use. Not all chemicals and cleaners are suitable for use on wraps and may damage the film.

 3. Avoid car brush washes

Brush car washes can cause dulling, lifting of the edges of the graphics, and scratching. However, touchless car washes are usually safe and will not damage the film. Some waxes contain petroleum distillate, however, which may damage your wrap, so it’s  safer to skip this stage at the end of your automated wash.

 4. Do not use abrasive polishes

Avoid the use of abrasive polishes and cutting compounds. These may dull and damage your wrap.

5. Take special care with matte or textured films

Unlike standard wraps and finishes, matte and textured films should not be waxed, as this will affect the texture and result in an uneven finish.

6. Protect & cover whenever possible

UV rays and environmental pollutants, such as rain, can contribute towards to damage and degradation of vinyl wraps and graphics, so it is best to keep your vehicle under cover whenever possible. If you do not have access to a garage, invest in a cloth cover or car wrap.

Award-winning vehicle & promo graphics

At 3SixtyWraps, our award-winning team of 3M AVW vehicle wrappers are the best in the business. If you would like to find out more about caring for your vehicle wrap or graphics, or you would like to learn more about our services – including commercial wrapsmotorsport graphics, or customs graphics, get in touch today. Call 01604 645 826 or email [email protected].

3M Unveil Bold New Wrap Film Series 1080 Colour Additions

3M1080 series

3M have expanded their Wrap Film Series 1080 with the addition of 10 bold new original finishes and effects, including three new colour-flip films.

The ever-evolving Series 1080 family now includes eye-catching finishes in reds, purples, holographic hues and more. This expansion of the 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 line brings its colour total to an impressive 98.

The eye-catching additions give our clients an even greater selection of colour options and finishes to choose from. There really is something to suit everyone and create virtually any look. The only limit to the possibilities is your imagination. Whether you want to go matte or gloss it up, 3M have the perfect finish for you.

The new class of colours are: Satin Thundercloud, Satin Vampire Red, Satin Caramel Luster, Gloss Lipstick Red, Gloss Black Cherry, Gloss Wicked and Gloss Plum Explosion. The trio of new colour-flip options – Gloss Flip Deep Space, Satin Flip Volcanic Flare and Gloss Flip Psychedelic – invoke cosmic depth and gleams, perfect for adding a unique and individual touch to any project. 7 of the colours are available now, and the remaining 3 (Lipstick Red, Black Cherry and Plum Explosion) will be launched in the summer.

3M 1080

“The latest colour additions to Wrap Film Series 1080 continue to increase the design possibilities for vehicle wraps. At 3M, we are committed to developing diverse, high quality films that not only inspire graphics installers, but appeal to their customers as well,” said Christian Stoehr, Portfolio Manager West Europe, 3M Commercial Solutions Division. “We’re especially excited to launch three additional colour-flip films after the positive response the original trio received. These unique films add versatility and a unique aesthetic to any car application, and we’re thrilled to see them in action.”

As a 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper (3MAVW) the team at 3SixtyWraps are trained in all aspects of design and installation of the 3M Wrap Film Series 1080. We love hearing about new and unusual project ideas, so if you’ve got an idea for a vehicle wrap design, get in touch with our team. We’ll work with you to bring your design to life, whether it’s on your personal vehicle, business van, or a motorcar.

Get in touch

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. If you’re looking for vehicle graphics services, choose the experienced team at 3SixtyWraps. From commercial wraps and vehicle signwriting to motorsport graphics and retail graphics – we do it all. We’ve been wrapping since 2003 and we’re dedicated to offering the finest quality and finish on all of our work.

For more information about our services, get in touch today. We’d love to help you kick-start your project.



Why Paint When You Can Wrap?

3M Sparkle Wrap

Tired of the colour of your car? There’s no need to resort to a respray when you’re ready for something new and fresh. 3M colour change wraps are the affordable, hassle-free alternative to paint jobs and can transform your vehicle instantly.

As a fully accredited 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper (3MAVW), here at 3SixtyWraps we’re big fans of the impressive range of wrap colours, finishes and textures available from 3M. So, if you thought that paint was the only way to achieve the look and feel you’re after for your car, think again. Just take a look below at the incredible wraps on offer and ask yourself, why paint when you can wrap?

Matte & matte metallic car wraps

Matte and metallic finishes are incredibly popular now. What you might not realise though, is that you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on a new matte-finish vehicle to achieve the look you want.

Wrap fact: Car wraps are removable, durable and easy to take care of.

Gloss car wraps

Vibrant, fresh and eye-catching, gloss wraps look incredible on any vehicle. With dozens of gloss colour options available, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which to go for.

Wrap fact: 3M’s vehicle wrapping film allows vehicles to be transformed again and again without any damage to the original paintwork.

Textured & Sparkle car wraps

With the 3M Car Wrap Film Series 1080 and the 3M Overlaminate Series 8900 it’s possible to achieve some unique looks. With Sparkle, Carbon Fibre and Brushes finishes available, the only limit to what can be achieved with your custom vehicle wrap is your imagination.

Wrap fact: Choose the colour, design and texture, and get as bold as you dare. With dozens of colours and finishes on offer, you won’t have to sacrifice on style when you choose a custom vehicle wrap.

Custom vehicle wraps

3M’s vehicle wrapping film is perfect for achieving long-lasting, eye-catching designs that will help your car stand out from the crowd. For a closer look at the colour and finish options you can choose from, download 3M’s Colour Reference Card.

We can wrap

Our award-winning team of 3M AVW vehicle wrappers are the best in the business. To find out more about our services – including commercial wraps, motorsport graphics, or customs graphics, get in touch today. Call 01604 645 826 or email [email protected].

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