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Welcome to our world! In this post we’ll run through a list of the professional graphics and wrapping services we offer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like additional information about any of our high-quality design and installation services. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Commercial Wraps

vehicle wraps towcester

Commercial vehicle wraps and graphics are a simple, cost-effective way to turn your business fleet into a moving billboard. Whether you’re a solo trader or a larger operation, our team can transform your vehicles with precision application of brand-specific wraps and graphics for your business.

Learn more about our commercial wraps service.

Vehicle Signwriting

United Utilities Peugeot Partner

Promote your business anytime, anywhere, with vehicle signwriting. Whether you’re stuck on the M6 or parked outside a client’s house, your company signwriting will ALWAYS be there to promote your brand and services. 24/7 promotion with zero hassle? That’s the beauty of signwriting.

Learn more about our vehicle signwriting service.

Motorsport Graphics

It’s official: We’ve Wrapped the Coolest Car in Britain

When it comes to motorsport graphics 3SixtyWraps has been leading the pack for years. Our motorsport calendar is jam-packed with projects at the world’s leading racing events, including Formula E, Gumball 3000 and the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Learn more about our motorsport graphics service.

Bus, Truck & Trailer Wraps


Our experienced team wrap all shapes and sizes of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. We can customise almost any design to your needs and match the finish to suit your specific requirements exactly.

Learn more about our bus, truck and trailer wrap service.

Custom Graphics & Colour Wraps

Car Paint Job

We LOVE getting creative with one-off custom graphics projects. It doesn’t matter how wild or wacky your ideas are, we’re here to help you make your dreams a full-colour reality. Go on, put us to the test.

Learn more about our custom graphics and colour wrap service.

Retail Graphics & Wall Wraps

Cartoon theme wall wrap on an office wall


Our graphics service isn’t limited to cars, vans and trucks. If you want to brighten up your shop, office, classroom, gym or even home with a wall wrap, we’re the company for you. From design to installation, we’ll take care of the entire process from start to finish.

Learn more about our retail graphics and wall wraps service.

High Visibility & Chapter 8 Graphics

Daniels Partner vans

At 3SixtyWraps we specialise in high visibility and Chapter 8 vehicle graphics. Stay safe and compliant with health and safety regulations with our precision service. From highway maintenance and breakdown vehicles to construction equipment and plant and machinery, we do it all.

Learn more about our high visibility and chapter 8 graphics service.

Mobile Retail Units

Spinning Chicken Festival

Want to spice up your mobile catering or retail unit with eye-catching graphics? Mobile retail units are typically located in busy, high-traffic environments. To stand out, you’ll need a high-impact design and a flawless finish. Our service doesn’t stop at kiosk wraps either. We can even help you with creating menus and design a bespoke structure for your unit for extra oomph.

Learn more about our mobile retail unit wrap service.

White Label Service

Google Maps Fleet Shot

Take a load off with a little behind-the-scenes help from 3SixtyWraps. Our white hat sub-contact services give you access to our award-winning wrapping expertise without the need to train staff, hire vehicles, or buy materials.

Learn more about our white label service.

Paint Protection Film

Applying Paint Protection Film on a car

High-end car paint protection film (PPF) is the perfect way to keep your vehicle looking factory-fresh for longer. Everyday wear and tear, minor scratches and fading from sunlight can all add up and affect the look of your vehicle. PPF can keep your car looking picture-perfect for longer by adding a protective barrier between the outside world and your perfect paintwork. Our specialist PPF team use the most acclaimed PPF on the market: Premium Shield.

Learn more about our paint protection film (PPF) service.

Windscreen Tear-offs

Tear off   vv

As specialists in the motorsport industry we’re proud to be able to offer our racing clients a comprehensive service for the exterior of their cars. Our four-layer windscreen tear-off installation service is incredibly popular within the hugely competitive motorsport endurance racing market.

Learn more about our windscreen tear-off service.

Contact the team

For more details about any of the services listed above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the 3SixtyWraps team for an informal chat.





Paint Protection Film: What Are the Benefits?

Paint Protection Film being applied to vehicle

Want to protect your paintwork from scuffs, scratches and colour fading? Paint Protection Film (PPF) could be your car’s new best friend.

What is Paint Protection Film?

PPF is a thin later of film that’s installed on top of paintwork to provide protection from road debris, chips and scratches.

The technology behind PPF was first developed by the US military to protect the leading rotor edges and vulnerable impact areas of Helicopters. Since then, the technology has developed into the much-loved product we see in use today.

PPF is an incredible product, which explains why car owners and racing teams all over the world love it so much.

Paint Protection Film being applied

What are the benefits of Paint Protection Film?

PPF doesn’t just help to protect vehicles against debris on the road. Here are some more benefits:

♦ PPF helps cars hold on to their resale value by helping to ensuring the durability and longevity of paintwork.

♦ PPF doesn’t require any extra maintenance or special care. Once applied, you can continue to take care of your car as you usually would. Certain harsh waxes and polishes should be avoided to protect the PPF, but your installation team will be able to recommend the best products to use.

♦ At 3SixtyWraps, we use PremiumShield, the industry standard in PPF. PremiumShield PPF is warranted against UV damage, peeling and cracking. As a UV-stable film, it also helps to protect cars from colour fading.

♦ PPF is virtually invisible once fitted.

♦ PPF doesn’t have to be installed across the entire paint surface. You can choose to focus on the most vulnerable areas, like the bumper and wheel arches. The level of protection is up to you.

♦ PremiumShield PPF comes with a five year warranty as standard.

♦ PPF is a cost-effective way of protecting your vehicle. The cost of protecting your car with a protection film is a fraction of the price you would pay for paint repairs.

Will Paint Protection Film damage my car?

No, PPF will not damage your car. It is designed to protect the surface of your car and will not ruin your paintwork.

How is Paint Protection Film removed?

When you’re ready for your PPF to be removed, a professional installation team should take care of this for you. Do not attempt to remove the film yourself, even if it is damaged.

If an area of your PPF is irreparably damaged the panel can be replaced individually in just a few hours.

Where can I get Paint Protection Film for my car?

The job of applying PPF should be left to the experts. At 3SixtyWraps, our specialist technicians have the skills and experience necessary to achieve a precise, flawless finish.

Arrange your PPF installation today

For more information about our Paint Protection Film services, give the team a call on 01604 645 826. Alternatively, email any questions you may have to [email protected].

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