The Pros & Cons of Vehicle Wrapping


Vehicle wrapping is an enormously popular service. It’s perfect for commercial vehicles, like vans, lorries, trailers and mobile retail units. And you’ll have undoubtable seen wrapped cars if you’ve ever watched a motorsports event. The results can be absolutely spectacular, and the options are only as limited as your imagination.

If you’re thinking about getting a vehicle wrap, it’s best to look at the pros & cons before rushing in. There are a few aspects you may want to consider before taking the plunge. Here goes…


1. Brilliant visibility

Want to get your company noticed? Vehicle wraps are a phenomenal (and cost-effective) way to gain extra exposure where ever you go. In fact, adding advertising on your fleet of vehicles can boost brand recognition 15 times more effectively than any other types of marketing. Impressive, right?

2. Huge variety of styles

Worried about which style or design to pick? Don’t be! There are thousands of vehicle wrapping designs out there today, all of which serve different purposes. Just some of the wrapping styles available include:

• Promotional designs and messages

• High visibility graphics for highway patrol vehicles

• Artistic designs

• Signwriting

• Customised styles

• Logos and badges

• Slogans

Best of all, if you hire a professional car wrapping supplier, they will create a mock-up of your new-look vehicle on a scaled template. And they’ll even put together a series of high-impact mock-ups for you to choose from.

3. No damage to factory paint

Vehicles that undergo the wrapping procedure will not suffer from any damage, meaning the original factory paint job is left completely unblemished. So, if you decided to change or remove the wrap at a later date, your vehicle will show no signs of wear and tear.

4. Easy to repair and change

Designs can be touched up and completely removed with ease by an industry professional, which allows vehicle owners to change their wraps any time they like.


1. DIY jobs rarely look good

Perhaps you’ve seen some great vehicle wraps around and though, “I can do that!” Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong when you don’t have access to the right tools and training, so hold that thought. If you are looking for results that last and impress, vehicle wrapping should only ever be carried out by a pro. 70% of consumers judge a company based on the look of their vehicles, so it’s vital that your vehicle has the finest quality wrap possible for your budget.

2. Frequent replacements required for DIY wraps

Automobiles are subject to a considerable amount of wear and tear, both on and off the road. DIY vehicle wraps won’t stand the test of time, and will need to be replaced or retouched frequently in order to look their best. The good news is that rewrapping can be performed quickly and easily by a professional, and an original wrap installed by a certified outfit will last as long as five years in many instances.

3. Leased cars require permission

Getting a lease car wrapped can be a tricky process if the legal owner of the vehicle isn’t keen on the concept. You’ll need to obtain written permission from them in order to go ahead with the procedure, otherwise you risk voiding the warrantee on your vehicle or breaking terms of the lease agreement. If however you have a trusted vehicle wrapping supplier working on the project, the leasing company will be more likely to give their consent.

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