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When it comes to cars, people are very sentimental and wish to maintain the appearance of their beloved vehicle spotless and shiny for as long as possible. It is this wish that drives many car owners to invest in vehicle wrapping which is mainly done using vinyl film. At 3SixtyWraps, we understand the need to maintain your car in top condition; we offer vehicle wrapping services that are guaranteed to shield your car from daily wear and tear and complete the look you are dreaming of.

Vinyl Wrapping

In simple words, vinyl wrapping refers to protecting the finish of your vehicle paint with a thin layer of plastic. This requires utmost care and precision, which technicians expertly employ while preparing the surface of your car for the application of the product. A plastic layer is then applied to all panels, which is followed by cutting of the layer in order to fit the shape of the car in a flawless manner. This concludes the process of applying vehicle wraps to the body of your car.

Types of Vinyl Wrapping

Advantages of Vehicle Wrapping

If you enjoy dabbling with car modifications, and your vehicle is your passion, 3SixtyWraps is the perfect answer to caring for your car.

Why Choose 3Sixty Wraps?

If you are looking for vehicle wrapping in Birmingham, it is advisable to look for the most reputable fitter to avoid disappointment in the end result. 3SixtyWraps has an exceptionally well trained team of fitters and technicians who are accredited for the excellent work that they have done. We take pride in the work that we deliver and are confident about our expertise. Our track record speaks for itself with glowing testimonials.

If you feel that your car is not looking that great or if you are recovering from a botched up vehicle wrapping with cut or rust marks on the vehicle body, 3SixtyWraps can repair the damage and leave your car looking as good as new with a guarantee of up to 7 years.

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