Vehicle Wraps in Peterborough

When you purchase a vehicle, it can either be for your personal or professional use. If it is for personal purposes, you may want a total vehicle revamp without changing your vehicle entirely or investing lots of money.  You may also want to keep the original paintwork just in case you decide to sell your vehicle on.

On the other hand, let us consider that you own a pet grooming business and you drive around in a van providing your services to passerby dog-walkers. How do you propose these potential customers will notice you? What is going to entice them and get your business noticed?

In both the scenarios, the key to success is something creative printed across your vehicle that is going to stand out and make it worthy of attention.

So, what can you possibly do to get what you want without damaging the paint of your vehicle?

Introducing 3SixtyWraps!

We present you with professional vehicle wrapping services in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Vehicle wraps application using vinyl is most definitely the latest sensation to hit the world of automobiles.

You can now change the colour and finish of your vehicle without resorting to a fresh application of paint. You can opt to wrap your vehicle either partially or completely.

Whether you want to personalise your ride with a simple pattern or design, or you want your vehicle to showcase as a means to promote your brand, 3SixtyWraps will be on hand to make your vision our mission and wrap your vehicle according to your requirements right away.

We have only the best equipment, knowledge, experience and procedures, proved by the high quality projects we have undertaken previously. We have:

motorsport wraps peterborough

The best materials

To ensure a quality finish, we use the best materials supplied by companies like 3M, Avery and Arlon. This will give you the liberty to create any finish you like, from carbon fibre to brushed aluminium, matte or glossy finishes. The materials that we use are of premium quality for great prices.

The best team

We boast of a team are well trained and exceptional in the process of vehicle wrapping in Peterborough. Our fitters are trained professionals who will give you the best suggestions and advice so that you attain your desired results.

Our team incorporate the latest industry techniques and equipment. We make use of light fast film wraps assuring no noticeable faintness for seven years.

We are confident in the work that we do and we guarantee a constancy of at least five years on our work.

The best benefits

Partnering with 3SixtyWraps will not only give you the aesthetic improvement you dram of but also total individuality. We offer unique designs and once the vehicle wrap application is done, it goes a long way in protecting the original substrate from stone chips and everyday wear and tear. It also protects the body of the vehicle from UV damage.

Before the vehicle wrapping commences, every vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated to make sure that the original substrate is preserved.

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Removing a Vinyl Application

Another great thing about vehicle wraps is that they can be removed at any time. Any design you have placed on the vehicle can be easily removed, without causing any damage to the paintwork. This is a great option if you are bored of a certain vehicle wrapping and are looking for a fresh look for your ride. You can even remove a vinyl application if you redesign your brand logo or want to revamp your business name and brand.

Even if you only have the vehicle for a designated period, or only want to invest in vehicle wrapping for a particular event, our team of advisors can discuss your requirements and work around what you wish to change.

We house some of the most talented technicians for vehicle wrapping in Peterborough. At 3SixtyWraps, we guarantee end results that are high quality and we refrain from cutting material directly on the paintwork. We work with utmost care to avoid any kind of damage to your vehicle.

3SixtyWraps for Vehicle Wrapping

Our dedication in delivering quality-intensive services is what keeps our customers coming back to us time after time.

3 Sixty Wraps consistently provide an unparalleled quality finish every time and ensure that you get your desired results. We have a wealth of experience to our credit for providing vehicle wraps in Peterborough and we do not limit ourselves to one niche area of vehicle wrapping.

Get in touch with us today and we will discuss your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and pave way for a brilliant vehicle wrapping outcome.


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