What is Vehicle Wrapping? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

What is vehicle wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping in the art of covering a vehicle in printed vinyl or decals to alter its appearance. Wraps can be full (covering the entire vehicle) or partial (covering certain areas, like the roof or bonnet).

Vehicle wrapping is an art form that requires years of training to get right. Wraps can range for very elaborate, intricate designs, to simpler, more understated designs. Examples of vehicle wrapping are all around you, even if you don’t realise it. When they are properly applied, vehicle wraps appear flawless and are virtually indistinguishable from paintwork.

How expensive is vehicle wrapping?

The cost of a vehicle wrap depends on several factors, including quality of materials used, make of vehicle, and of course the size of vehicle to be wrapped. Don’t be fooled into thinking all wraps are created equal – they’re not. If a quote seems too good to be true, it probably is. Here’s a list of a few vehicle wrap disasters to watch out for. Remember: Buy cheap, buy twice.

Can I wrap my vehicle myself?

Technically…you could, but we wouldn’t recommend it. As well as specialist tools and equipment, it takes years of experience and training to master the art of applying vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps. Everything, from the curve of a bumper to the temperature of the air, can affect application. Your best bet is to find a fully trained and certified 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper near you.

Why should I get a vehicle wrap?

A new paint job can be expensive – and restrictive. After all, there are only so many paint finishes available. But when you choose a wrap, your options are virtually endless. Matte, satin, metallic, gloss, textured – there’s a colour and finish to suit every style.

What are the benefits of vehicle wrapping?

Wraps don’t just look great – they also help to protect your original paintwork underneath. An experienced installer will have no problem at all applying and removing your wrap without damaging the paint surface underneath. And when cared for correctly, your wrap could last up to five years. If you choose to have signwriting installed to promote your business, that’s five years of promotion for your business for one set fee. Pretty incredible, right?

Where can I get a vehicle wrap?

You’ve probably noticed dozens of adverts for vehicle graphics and wraps in your local area. However, at 3SixtyWraps we only recommend 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers (3MAVW) to our clients. Why? As 3M AVW’s ourselves, we know that 3MAVW firms have been tested and trained to the highest possible standard and are familiar with the latest application techniques.

Get in touch today to find out more about our award-winning vehicle wrapping service.

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