Custom Food Truck wraps 

that stand out from the competition

Custom food truck wraps

that get mouths watering.

Mobile Bar with printed wrap

    Our Catering Van Wraps Will Attract Attention and Increase Your Turnover

    Contemplating a high-visibility, cost-effective campaign that will get your brand noticed 24/7?

    It’s well known that we eat with our eyes first. High end restaurants spend hours poring over menus to ensure they not only taste incredible but have the looks to match. That’s why a professionally designed food truck wrap is essential if you’re going to attract the customers you need to succeed.

    Professional presentation is important in every sector, but in none is it more important than in the food industry. Customers are attracted to clean, sleek vendors, and easily put off by tired, tatty looking food trucks. Lead the pack and consistently draw the largest crowds at every occasion with custom food truck wraps from 3SixtyWraps. 

    The Benefits of Custom Catering Van Wraps

    At any event, your food truck or van will be one of many in a long line of contenders, jostling for the attention of a wide array of potential customers. Eye-catching signage and richly detailed, brightly coloured imagery will ensure you get noticed.

    As well as generating custom on-site, a food truck wrap will increase brand awareness and get your name out there, turning your vehicle into a highly visible mobile billboard, whether you’re cruising down the motorway, stuck in inner-city traffic or parked on a driveway overnight.

    We at 3SixtyWraps are specialists in commercial vehicle livery. We have supplied vinyl wraps to hundreds of happy customers over the years, from full colour vehicle wraps covering every inch of bodywork on professional fleets to smaller graphics and designs on single vehicles. Whatever your mobile retail wrap needs, from a single food truck wrap for a sole trader to a fleet destined to cover tens of thousands of miles across the world, our team of designers and wrappers will tailor bespoke solutions to suit your business requirements.

    We use only tried and tested, quality materials to ensure maintenance, replacement and removal are hassle-free.

    With our custom food truck wraps, you can keep your vehicle’s paintwork looking pristine, replace and update campaign design, branding and contact details or even install temporary wraps for special events that can be easily removed once they are no longer needed. Be it a food truck, trailer, mobile bar or van, contact us to see how we can transform your mobile retail unit into a work of advertising art.

    Mexican Food Truck with a printed wrap

    End-to-end Service

    We believe in a dedicated, end-to-end approach to customer service for food truck wraps. That means our team will be on hand from the very first consultation meeting, right through to completion of your food truck wrap and beyond.

    From complex designs to simple signage, our designers will work with you to provide the perfect graphics for your catering trailer or food truck. We will also provide a detailed design visual, or ‘mock-up’, so you can see exactly how the finished installation will look at no extra cost.

    We then produce the vinyl wrap on the highest quality materials using industry-leading printing technology. Your food truck wrap will then be carefully installed by our team of 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers, who have many years of experience wrapping everything from commercial vehicles to race cars.

    Professionally installed vehicle wraps guarantee a perfectly smooth, blemish free application that perfectly fits every curve of your food truck, giving a professional finish that accurately reflects the quality and professionalism of your catering. Peace of mind comes as standard. All of our installation work is subject to a 2-year warranty on a return-to-base basis and 3M’s printed vinyl wraps and colour changes are subject to a warranty of 7+ years. For more information on this, see our Terms and Conditions.

    Airstream Food Trailer without food truck wrapAirstream trailer with printed food truck wrap

    Drag the arrows to see a Before/After food truck wrap

    Vinatge Citroen Truck with signwriting
    Airstream Trailer with printed wrap
    Mexican Food Truck Wrap

    Food Truck Wraps:
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to have food trucks wrapped?

    The cost of a food truck wrap depends on both the vehicle you have and the design you require. Flat-sided trailers and vehicles are significantly less expensive than traditional vans with curves and recesses. Full printed food truck wraps for the entire vehicle will cost more than simple signage.

    The important thing to know is that we can offer a solution for every budget. We will work with you to deliver the best proposal that fits within both your budget and business requirements.

    Do I need a design for my food truck or trailer?

    We can either work to a supplied design or we can work with you to create one for your food truck wrap. From simple logo and contact details on a single catering trailer to a full colour graphic overhaul of your professional fleet, our design specialists create wrapping solutions that will help you stand out to potential customers, whatever your budget.

    How long will a food truck wrap last?

    The lifespan of a food truck wrap depends on the material, the quality of the installation and the life of the vehicle. We use only tried and tested materials, selected based on your needs and installed by our highly trained technicians. With regular cleaning you can expect your vinyl wrap to look good for at least 8-10 years.

    For short-term events and promotions, we can offer wrap films that are specially designed for temporary usage and quick and easy removal.

    How hard is it to remove a wrap from a food van?

    Again this is dependent on both the material used and the quality of the installation. If done correctly, a food truck wrap should be easy to remove for at least up to 5 years. We use only the highest quality materials on customers’ vehicles to ensure that there are no nasty surprises when it’s time for the vinyl wrap to be removed.

    What colours and designs are available for food van wraps?

    We can offer your business literally hundreds of colours in a number of finishes such as satin, gloss, metallic, chrome and fluorescent. Mouth-watering product photography, stylish visual concepts, logos and menus can all be printed to high-resolution high standards using our industry-leading production facility.

    We are proud to supply the finest quality materials for your wrapping needs. The quality and range of materials and printers we use ensure your finished vinyl wrap will be perfectly matched to your existing colour scheme, branding and imagery.

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