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    Why Choose 3SixtyWraps to Supply Your Sponsor Decals?

    Motorsport is our true passion, that is why you can find our work on race tracks around the world.

    From Le Mans to Formula E, our livery designs and wraps have graced the vehicles, garage walls and support vehicles of teams like Jaguar, Nissan and Virgin Racing for over 5+ years.

    Our services don’t stop at livery design and wrap production. The most important force behind every race event and every team is sponsorship, and that is where our motorsport sponsor decal services come into play.

    Professional racing teams need a supplier who understands that supplying sponsor decals means a lot more than whacking pretty stickers on a car. You need someone with the experience and knowledge required to deliver decals that perfectly fit the brief on time, every time. You need a company that will ensure your contractual obligations are honoured and that racing graphics regulations are complied with. You may well need a company like us.


    Our Experience with Sponsorship Decals

    Our work takes our team across the world. This means thousands of stickers, tons of equipment and up to 20 technicians for some events. There are many achievements of which we are very proud, and some that are yearly features, such as the notorious Gumball 3000.

    For 7 years, we have designed, supplied and fitted stickers for the Gumball 3000 supercar rally. Stickering over 150 cars in a faraway land within a two-day window as well as orchestrating the logistics of travel, shipping and staffing the event is no mean feat. Accuracy, efficiency and thorough planning are vital to the success of this yearly project.

    The Gumball 3000 may be one of the biggest challenges we face each year, but it’s by no means the only large international event we supply. We also provide motorsport sponsor decal services for a number of race series:

    • Formula E
      We have wrapped vehicles and designed, supplied and installed sponsor decals at all seasons of Formula E. 15 different racing teams, including cars, protective gear, support vehicles, trailers, generators and signage, and even the official BMW i8 Safety Cars.
    • 24 Hours of Le Mans
      We have designed, supplied and installed decals for a number of teams including Murphy Prototypes, Manor Motorsport Ltd., Greaves Motorsport, KC Motorgroup Ltd. and Dragon Speed LLC.

    Our experience gives us the upper hand when it comes to ensuring the decals we supply and install are 100% compliant with strict racing regulations. That means you get professional designs that suit the business sponsoring you, the highest quality materials and the knowledge that you’ll be race ready in the shortest time possible.

    Skills, experience and industry knowledge are all essential to effective sponsor decal supply, however none of this matters if you can’t get the logistics side right. Our planning process ensures that every box is ticked and every eventuality is prepared for.

    • Sourcing the highest quality materials and craft supplies in good time for preparation before production.
    • Printing vast volumes of decals at our Midlands HQ, or on-site using our mobile production facilities.
    • Compiling libraries of decals, methodically arranged to minimise interruption and confusion once on site.
    • Packaging the decals using tried and tested methods, ensuring they’ll arrive in perfect condition no matter how far they need to travel or what mode of transport they’ll take.
    • Outsourcing extra technicians as and when required and ensuring they meet our high expectations.
    • Ensuring all staff have the accommodation, travel arrangements and necessary kit to minimise downtime, maximise efficiency and to hit the ground running.

    We’ve wrapped cars and applied decals for motorsport teams in 22 countries and across 5 continents; North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Whatever you need, wherever you need us, we’ll be there.

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    Sponsor Decals:
    Frequently Asked Questions

    What vehicles can be fitted with motorsport sponsor decals?

    We don’t believe in limitations to our supply and installation potential, and neither do we believe in limitations to the range of vehicles that we can supply sponsor decals for. 

    • Race cars – From a decal on a single car to producing a comprehensive inventory of spares, even on-site repairs for a whole team, we’ve done it all. 
    • Support vehicles – We’ve designed and installed decals on everything from team trailers to pit signage so that your sponsors’ messages are consistent across every part of your entourage. 
    • Last-minute deals – We have transported scaled-down production facilities across the world, allowing for instant production and installation of just-signed sponsor deals right up to the very last minute. 
    • Superbikes, buses and much more – Our work has taken us across the world and seen us install decals on all manner of vehicles, so whatever you have that needs to proudly boast your sponsors, we are on hand to help. 
    • Helicopters, aeroplanes, racing yachts – There are a number of vehicles we’ve never had the chance to supply, so if you’ve got a unique vehicle that poses a challenge, get in touch to see how we can help! 

    What is the design process for sponsor decals?

    Great design is at the heart of good advertising and effective sponsorship, and that’s why we work with clients across the entire duration of the project to ensure your decals work seamlessly with your vehicles. Our work is meticulously designed to hug every contour and accentuate every element of the bodywork, regardless of its complexity, whilst always adhering to racing regulations. 

    Stand-out designs, high-visibility materials and instant recognition are vital on race day, and our design team will ensure your vehicles turn heads and please your sponsors. We will work to provide designs that are at home on even the most high-profile, high-stakes race tracks. 

    What artwork do you need in order to produce sponsorship decals?

    When it comes to printing the artwork, we almost always require vector artwork files. These allow for flawless images at any scale, unlike more common image files. If you have the vector files ready to print, then that’s perfect. If not, our design team can redraw existing logos in vector format or create bespoke designs tailored to you and your sponsors. 

    Can sponsor decals be easily removed from my car?

    Our specially selected materials are designed to be safely applied to both factory paintwork and vinyl wrap film. We’ll make sure we know what surface the decals are destined for and provide the materials to match. 

    Cheaper, ill-suited materials will leave residue and marks on paintwork and vinyl. This is why we only use the highest quality materials from trusted suppliers. Our decals can be quickly and easily removed by your team once they are no longer required, without the need for specialist tools or skills. 

    How quickly can we turnaround sponsor decals?

    Last minute sponsorship changes are part and parcel of motorsport. Deals are signed on the eleventh hour, which leaves very little time for getting the deliverables onto the vehicles. Our extensive experience meeting sudden demand means that we can supply decals with very little notice. We’ll make sure to give you an extensive quote for the prices you can expect, as well as an expected timeframe for the decal project. 

    Of course, letting us know in advance is always best, but it’s good to know you can trust us when time is of the essence. 

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