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Garage Wall Wraps

Garage Wall Wraps

The walls of a garage are an empty canvas. Thanks to modern advancements in digital printing, it’s easier than ever to customise the walls of your garage with original murals and graphics. 

Whether you want to use the walls as extra advertising space or simply add some decoration and atmosphere, the possibilities are endless. You can display your business logo, a pleasing pattern or even transform your garage into a new environment. 

Once you’ve decided on the image you’d like to use in your garage, the graphic is usually digitally printed on vinyl as a wrap with an overlaminate that helps protect it and provides either a matte or glossy finish. It’s even possible to have textured wallpaper printed.

They are then applied directly onto the garage wall and effectively stick to wood, metal, drywall and even concrete. A lot of the newer vinyl prints can even be applied with heat, which allow them to conform to different textured surfaces for a really stunning finish. You can either apply the wrap yourself, or have a professional come to your garage and do it for you. For larger prints, it’s usually suggested to have someone come out and install the wrap. 

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