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Due to complete bespoke nature of our work it’s impossible to answer this in the FAQ section on a website. The price is dictated by several factors including size of the vehicle, complexity of the vehicle, complexity of the design, choice in wrap material, finish of the wrap. Other cost affecting factors are body kits, spoilers, door shuts. Commercial & consumer clients will find it helpful to use our online estimate tool here. If your project falls outside of a car or van then you should use our contact form here and let us know about your next project.

We will need your vehicle for at least five days to complete a standard, external wrap. This will allow us time to get the vehicle up to temperature before we start the wrap wrapping.

We then remove any exterior items like lights, door handles, mirrors, bumpers and badges to ensure the best possible finish etc

We then fully decontaminate the surface of the vehicle using the recommended cleaners from the wrap manufactures. Using this matched system of wrap and cleaners ensure the best possible finish.

Once wrapped, we then quality check and ensure the wrap meets our extremely high standards. It should then be left inside for the first 24 hours to ensure the correct adhesion of the wrap. We will notify you when it’s ready for collection.

Following a similar process as above but without the need to bring the vehicle up to temperature or allowing 24hours after. Most sign writing jobs can be completed within 1 day. We request you drop your vehicle off around 8:30am on the day and it will be ready for collection at 17:30pm However we do understand the importance of getting vehicle back on the road so we are always happy to work with our clients to meet any specific time frames.

Definitely, and this is a key benefit of vehicle wrapping vs painting. At any time during the future, the wrap film can be removed to reveal the car’s OEM paintwork. Because we only use premium high quality material we know the wrap will remove leaving very minimal glue residue.

We recommend allowing at least 2 weeks after your vehicle has been wrapped before you clean it. Wrap material has a progressive adhesive that can take up to two weeks to fully cure.

After the initial two weeks you may clean your vehicle with non-silicone-based products. Using a bucket and sponge process. We have a selection of cleaners that are designed for both gloss, satin and matte wrapped vehicles. Please speak to one of our team.

We absolutely recommend that you never use either a jet wash or mechanical car wash on your wrapped vehicle.

Although we use only premium films, manufactured by companies like 3M, Oracle and Avery the life of your vehicle wrap is determined by the condition of the car, how it is treated during its life and cleaning methods used. Taking all of this into account, you should expect up to 4-5 years of life from your vehicle wrap.

Depending on your choice of wrap film each manufacture offers up to 8 years warranty. This mean if the product becomes faulty within the timeframe specified, they will replace the material free of charge.

3SixtyWraps offer a 1 year return to base warranty. This means if there is any fault with our installation within the first year then you can bring the vehicle back to our HQ we will repair the affected area free of charge (Please read our Terms and Conditions).

We have no responsibility to inform either your insurance company or the DVLA. We will advise you, but this is your call. You should read your insurance policy, and if it states that any modification should be notified to them, then you should take the appropriate action, otherwise at best if you made a claim, they may not pay for a re-wrap, and at worst, you may not be insured at all.

There has been a recent change made by the DVLA, and now the vehicle registration document must be amended if the colour has been changed. Previously because a vinyl wrap was not considered a permanent change, it did not need to be registered. However, DVLA recently issued the following statement;-

‘The register maintained by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) essentially exists to assist in revenue collection, road safety and law enforcement. The Police and other enforcement agencies rely on the DVLA record for all vehicles-related investigations. It is therefore paramount that the information stored on the vehicle register is accurate and up to date. DVLA records details given by vehicle manufacturers at first registration. Any changes to the vehicles details must be notified to DVLA by law. By covering the entire vehicle in a coloured adhesive/vinyl wrap, it is DVLA’s view that the colour change should be recorded. To notify a change of colour you should complete section 7 of the registration certificate V5C and return it to DVLA Swansea SA99 1BA. You should receive a replacement certificate within two to four weeks.”

You should always check with your lease/finance company before doing any aftermarket customisation, but we wrap lots of leased vehicle for our clients.

During the application process, the 3SixtyWraps team of wrap technicians are careful not to damage the paintwork of your car, and we do not cut material directly on the paintwork. The films that we use will not directly damage the car’s paintwork, however you do need to ensure that your vehicle’s paintwork is of a sound and OEM quality.

The colour of the wrap films we use are light fast for more than five years, so there won’t be any noticeable fading during this period.

We can apply the wrap over areas that are lightly stone chipped, which is usually the front of the car, including the bumper, bonnet and wings. However, this can cause problems upon removal of the wrap, as the damaged paint lacquer can sometimes lift with the wrap film, and you do need to bear this in mind beforehand.

Depending on the quality of the repair work, this can also cause problems. Quite often, accident repairs, and especially the painting process, are not carried out to the original manufacturers exacting standards. We cannot offer any form of guarantee against paint or lacquer lift during the removal of a wrap when we find the vehicle to have been repaired.

As standard, our colour change wraps are ‘skin wraps’. This means that when the car is parked or being driven, the exterior paintwork of the car is fully wrapped in the colour and finish of your choice. (no existing paintwork exposed) Door shuts, and interior areas are not wrapped as standard, but can be for an additional cost.

Once the quote has been approved, we will then request you provide us with a full description of your vehicle and provided photographs of each side. We’ll then ask for a brief of your requirements, this could be a paragraph of text, a hand drawn sketch or some examples of other design you like or dislike. We will then mock up a 2d visuals of your vehicle and 2-3 different designs based on your brief. You are then able to amend and alter these until you are completely happy with the final design. (It is the customers responsibility to ensure spellings, telephone numbers are correct before approving) Once approved we’ll offer get your vehicle booked in the diary.

Yes you can supply your own design but this will need to be in Vector format. We regular receive artwork from designers/agencies that requires minimal setup work. Other times this requires us to completely re-work the file in order to make it useable. We can also work from hand drawn art in all instances there may additional charges in order to convert it to a useable format. You will always be informed before to any charges being added.

Yes, we do offer a discount if you have 3 or more vehicles, but this will be discussed on a job by job basis.

Yes vinyl will stick to raw carbon fibre, however in our experience 3M material is by far the best for this type of installation.

Yes is the short answer, however there aren’t many things that fall into this category the general rule is if the surface is smooth and slightly squeaks when you rub your finger then it can most likely be wrapped but with that said we even have a wrap material for raw brick work! If you’re unsure then please give our team a call.

Using the latest technology 6 colour HP 560 latex printer the world is your oyster. For low volume we can print almost any colour you can imagine. Finished with a range of matte, gloss or even glitter laminates we can create almost any colour or finish you could imagine.

A question we often get asked! For vehicle crash repairs it’s not possible to match our wrap materials to the paint work of your car. However we are able to match produce Oracle 970 wrap vinyl to virtually any colour. This process take around 8-10 weeks for the first order and then around 4-5 weeks for repeat orders. Minimum order quantity is 50m.

Vinyl graphics are fitted to customer’s vehicles at the owner’s risk.

Due to the single application nature of vinyl graphics, refunds are not available for correctly applied vinyl to the customers specification if the customer later decides they do not like the design / effect.

Factory painted cars are the perfect bed to install vinyl graphics onto, but there is a risk with resprayed vehicles / parts of vehicles, with badly painted or poor condition paint work, that paint may come away with vinyl when removed.

We stress that 3SixtyWraps Ltd cannot be held responsible for any paintwork coming away or deeper cut marks being present due to the result of soft or non-hardened paintwork.

We take great care in not leaving marks or scratches when fitting vinyl to vehicles, however in some cases, graphics that require hand cutting or trimming when on the vehicle may sometimes leave a visible surface line that, on vinyl removal, may need minor repair, this is especially the case in newly painted vehicles, we advise that 3 weeks minimum be left between painting & any form of graphics being fitted.

3SixtyWraps Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage caused in any way due to fitment or removal of third-party graphics which are supplied by its customer

This includes any paintwork damage whatsoever, paint removal, paintwork damage or cut marks being more prominent or visible.

3SixtyWraps Ltd cannot offer any warranty or guarantee against the fitting of third-party graphics supplied by customers.

Please be quite sure you wish to proceed and are happy with the final design before any vinyl is cut.

3SixtyWraps Ltd have all relevant insurances, however, at our HQ we are insured for vehicles onsite up to the value of £200,000. Please bear this in mind when booking specialist or high value vehicles into our HQ for installations.