So you’ve decided to join the many other businesses investing in a vehicle wrap for 2022. Great choice! Vehicle wraps are versatile, striking, and a powerful way to advertise and boost your business.

But did you know that a vehicle wrap can also be used in a variety of ways and settings? Below, we explore some of the most effective and impactful options, so that you can get the very most out of your design.


1: Boost Interest At Events

Your vehicle wrap is the perfect banner to advertise your company and contact details at major events. You can either set your vehicle up as a feature or ‘stall’ in itself, or simply use it as an added feature while you attend.

Even outside the venue or in parking facilities, your vehicle will be working hard — attracting attention and advertising to potential customers. This is a key reason that many businesses choose to include their contact details, website, or social media handles somewhere within the design.

You could choose to attend an industry event or conference, advertising via your vehicle wrap to raise the profile of your business. Alternatively, you can seek out an event that you believe your target market or customers are likely to attend, and set up in a position of high visibility.

Many businesses approach this from both perspectives — advertising within their own industry and target market, as well as branching out to bigger and more general events to achieve the widest visibility possible.


2: Advertise Outside Your Premises

If you have a physical premises for your business, attracting people inside can be a key part of growth. But the location can present challenges.

You may be in a less reachable area or be without public parking, for example. Even premises on a busy high street may struggle to attract interest and engagement when competing with other stores.

A great way to sidestep this challenge is to use your vehicle wrap. Simply position your vehicle in a safe, convenient, and visible area outside your premises. Not only are you more likely to attract people inside, but even if they do not stop, they will have seen your company and may even take down your contact details on the go.

One of the advantages of vehicle wraps in advertising is how portable they are. Be sure to take full advantage of this.


3: Secure A Sponsorship

A stunning, bespoke vehicle wrap is a great way to advertise your business. But did you know it can present great opportunities to advertise other businesses too?

Many companies are now generating additional revenue by offering space on their vehicle wrap for relevant advertisers and sponsors. This is especially common in industries such as motorsports and racing, but it is now becoming more widely practiced across a wider range of sectors.

Consider suitable collaborations beforehand, then partner with a sponsor whose business you think would synergise well with yours. For example, if you operate a car garage that specialises in diesel vehicles, you could try to partner with a local provider of diesel parts.


4: Co-Ordinate Your Team

More businesses than ever before are using vehicle wrapping in a variety of ways. It not only advertises your business in a sleek, economical, and cost-effective way — it can also make your team look more professional.

Matching or co-ordinating vehicle wraps across your fleet or company cars is a great way to make a professional impression.

Studies show that uniformity — such as a company logo, design, or colour scheme — can even help personnel to feel more part of the team, as well as look more polished and legitimate to customers.

Vehicle wraps are a great way to upgrade your overall image. They also mean that you will be advertising throughout the working day — while travelling, attending jobs, and even on your daily commute!


5: Announce A Special Offer

Want to experiment with vehicle wrapping and test whether it’s a good fit for your business? Why not try adding a vehicle wrap to advertise a specific event, special offer, or discount?

This is a great opportunity to try out a temporary design and inform as many people as possible of your particular offer or event.

With a professional team, you can update or change your vehicle wraps over time to reflect your new aesthetic, announce another event or sponsor, or simply to refresh your look.

At 3SixtyWraps, our experienced designers are industry experts with knowledge of all the latest techniques — meaning they will achieve great visual results without ever damaging your vehicle. Call us today to start using vehicle wraps to benefit your business!