A new year is upon us and there has never been a better time to refresh your business. Many people are looking for new products and services at this time, so will be more receptive than usual to intelligent advertising.

One of the most powerful advertising methods is undoubtedly car and vehicle wrapping. This process involves adding a stunning design to a vehicle — most commonly including your business logo and contact details. The effect is a striking and effective advertisement that is as portable as your vehicle!

In 2022, why not get in on the act and see for yourself why vehicle wrapping has proved so valuable for so many companies across all industries?

To give you some ideas about where to start, let’s explore five great ways that vehicle wrapping could help you boost your business this year.


1. Advertise At Events

Vehicle wrapping is instantly impactful. Wherever you are, and whatever your message, you can communicate it quickly and clearly with a stunning professional vehicle wrap.

Advertising at events through using a vehicle wrap is especially useful because you do not need to purchase prior space such as a stall, booth, or exhibition plot, yet your advert will be portable and highly visible to all the guests attending your chosen event.

This method of advertising is particularly popular for those attending industry events and/or roadshows. Be sure to research your ideal customer and the events they are most likely to attend, then arrive with your vehicle wrap advertisement firmly on display.

Vehicle wraps can also be more cost-effective than other conventional forms of advertising at events, where space must be rented.


2. Advertise On Your Commute

You don’t need to wait for a special event to advertise your business effectively! With a professional vehicle wrap you can advertise on the go — even while on your daily commute.

Whether attending a job, an industry event, driving to work, or even just while out on errands, your advertisement never stops working. This is an ideal way to spread the word about your business when you want to be seen by people who are usually on the road a lot, as they travel between engagements.


3. Promote A Sponsor

You can choose to use a vehicle wrap to advertise your own business, but why not consider advertising for a sponsor too? This can be a great way to generate additional income for your business, or to collaborate with those in your industry.

This option is especially popular with motorsports vehicles, but it can also be very effective at an industry event, or as a special offer.

At 3SixtyWraps, our experienced team of professional designers can create a stunning design that is perfect for your business or sponsorship needs. Contact us today to make your vision a reality!


4. Enhance Team Presence And Culture

We are all aware of the importance of teamwork in the workplace, and of having an inclusive culture. Recent studies have shown that there are a variety of ways to create team cohesion, and that a uniform, emblem, or set of team colours can all contribute to this.

That’s where vehicle wrapping comes in. With a stylish and cohesive design across all your business vehicles, your team will feel part of an overall culture, while also communicating a sense of professionalism to current and potential clients.


5. Advertise Outside Your Premises

A shopfront alone might struggle to attract attention on a busy high street, especially when lots of businesses are competing. But vehicle wrapping can offer a solution.

Many businesses are now choosing to display their company vehicle close to their premises as an additional form of advertising.

With a striking, customisable vehicle wrap, you can communicate the value of your business without customers even having to step inside your premises! This is especially helpful to customers short on time, who may pass your vehicle and take down your details for later reference.


By using one or more of the suggestions above, vehicle wrapping can help you to achieve the business growth you desire in 2022!