Mobile Retail Units

Eye-catching graphics for mobile catering units are a must. With a dose of our expertise, you’ll stop drowning in a sea of competitors and start commanding attention

Mobile Retail Units

Eye-catching graphics for mobile catering units are a must have in the industry. It can be difficult to compete with other businesses in a busy environment, but at 3SixtyWraps we have what it takes to produce a mobile retail unit wrap which will make you stand out in the crowd.

First impressions are everything, and this often begins with an eye catching advertising campaign. In order to draw your customers in, you will need to create an image of professionalism combined with excitement and quality, and your services will need to be at the forefront of a well thought out design so that your potential customers know exactly what you have to offer.

At 3SixtyWraps, we provide you with the dash expertise needed to stop drowning in the sea of competitors and start commanding attention. From start to finish, we will provide you with not just a mobile retail unit wrap which will do wonders for your business, but also a brilliant service, from the initial conversation, all the way through the design process, to the finished product which is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

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When did you last go to a large-scale event? Perhaps it was a music festival, sporting competition or simply a community gathering. Either way, we wouldn’t mind betting you were spoiled for culinary choice. And how did catering trailers lure you in? With high-impact design, colourful kiosk wraps and a strong brand presence – that’s how.

Here at 3SixtyWraps, we know exactly how to bring your mobile catering van to life. Channelling your brand to perfection, the finished product will reel the customers in without fail. On top of that, using the most professional and innovative materials, methods and strategies, your unit graphics will be hard-wearing and durable too, so no amount of transportation and cleaning will affect that superb finish.

We understand the need for a clean, immaculate look to be achieved, in order to reflect your top notch culinary services, and we are committed to making sure that we provide you with a finish that will stand the test of time and the wear and tear which is to be expected within the industry.

What Can I Expect?

Every mobile unit job is unique, so we don’t work to a specific formula. Instead, we tailor our approach to your business, depending on your individual needs, offering you a personalised service to ensure what you get is exactly what you envisaged. From a total rebrand to a straightforward installation, our team can handle every aspect. We can even create your menus, handle your marketing, and design a bespoke structure for your unit. We’ve got mobile retail covered!

To get the project started, we will initiate the project with a phone call where we will work with you to discuss your requirements and ideas. From there, we will be able to get the design process underway.

Our team of designers will produce mock-ups of your new-look unit, using the specifications and ideas you have discussed with us. You can tweak and pick from the ideas we produce as much as you like, and then when you’re completely happy with the designs, our installation team will set to work using premium wrapping products for the best results imaginable.

Need any more proof of our renowned work? Just take a look at our impressive client list, or get in touch with our team. We’re ready for you.


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