Paint Protection Film

Your vehicle can boast long-lasting quality teamed with that factory-fresh look. How exactly? With our high-end car paint protection film.

Would you like your vehicle to stay looking factory fresh for as long as possible without the hassle of constant T-cutting and re-painting? Well now you can boast long-lasting quality teamed with a great unblemished look. There is no need to worry about everyday wear and tear, minor scratches and abrasion from car washing and sunlight. But how exactly? Our high-end car paint protection film is the answer.


Paint Protection Film (or PPF as we call it in the business) is an incredible product, guaranteed to protect your paintwork for a long time, and keeping your vehicle looking fantastic. Inevitably, all vehicles take a bit of a bashing out on the roads. That combined with general wear and tear from pebbles on the road, minor scratches and negative effects of sunlight mean that a vehicle’s paintwork rarely stays looking impeccable for long.

PPF keeps your paintwork looking as flawless as the day you first clapped eyes on it, protecting it from everyday scratches and abrasions. We are official installers of the most acclaimed PPF on the market: Premium Shield. Becoming an installer is no mean feat – it requires rigorous training and skill to become accredited. So rest assured that our team know their stuff, and then some.

On top of extensive training, knowledge and experience, our team are passionate about motors and everything to do with them. We love what we do, and that really shows in the work we produce. We are committed to completing quality jobs adhering to timescales and requirements which fit around you, and we take pride in consistently completing projects which exceed our highly valued clients’ expectations.


Our specialist paint protection team will expertly apply Premium Shield film to your vehicle – either in the most vulnerable places such as bumpers and wheel arches, or across the entire paint surface. If you’re unsure which option is best for your vehicle, don’t worry. We’ll talk you through the options, including the difference between our standard and elite films and will advise you on which option is best for your needs.

Once fitted to your vehicle, car paint protection film is virtually invisible. Premium Shield film is pre-cut according to your manufacturer and model for a precise, flawless finish. Alternatively, our custom-cut film can be tailored to any specification. We’re totally flexible to your requirements.

3SixtyWraps pride ourselves not only on the excellent quality of jobs which we consistently complete, but also the service which we offer all the way through each project. From the initial consultation to the finished project and after care, we are committed to providing you with an unmatchable service you can rely on.

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