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Windscreen Tear Offs

Protect your race cars with strong, resilient windscreen tear offs

Motorsport is an industry of fine margins. Even the smallest complication inside or outside the vehicle can make the difference between winning the race and finishing with the rest of the pack.

It goes without saying that racing car windscreens are particularly susceptible to cracks, breaks, and chips. Fortunately, windscreen tear offs exist to act as a protective layer.

Let 3SixtyWraps provide you that peace of mind, preventing any problems and keeping you focused on success.

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Protect your vehicle with 3SixtyWraps

The motorsport industry is fast-paced, and it requires consistently high performance from your vehicles. Getting ready for a race or important event requires precision and efficiency on tight deadlines.

You enlist a team of professionals to handle each and every part of your high-octane machine to ensure safety and speed, and it’s our goal to be part of that team, focused on one simple mission.

Any damage to the windscreen, even a simple crack or chip, can make a significant difference to a driver’s time and leaves him or her more vulnerable to safety issues.

Fortunately, 3SixtyWraps provides effective, high-quality windscreen tear offs to prevent this from occurring; let us tell you how:

Budget friendly – By utilizing windscreen tear offs, we eliminate your need to completely replace your windscreen each time it sustains damage, saving you money and time

Global reach – We’re willing to travel to you to make sure that your project is completed efficiently. Our convenient, affordable services have satisfied customers in more than 15 countries around the world.

Versatile – Our windscreen protection is applicable to any make or model and can be used with glass or polycarbonate windscreens alike.

How it works

Our windscreen tear offs are custom-fit, applied wet, and then dried at the conclusion of the installation process to ensure a secure seal. We can come to you, even trackside, to make sure your tear offs fit correctly and effectively.

Windscreen tear offs consist of four light weight, but durable, layers. Each of these layers is strong enough to prevent flying rocks and debris from cracking or breaking the windscreen, plus our tear offs are water repellent.

Regardless of what you face on the road, if one layer of the windscreen tear off starts to deteriorate, as the name describes, you can simply tear it off in seconds to reveal the next layer.

When the film is securely applied, the clarity of the driver’s vision is unaffected. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if the windscreen is heated or not, the tear offs will work just the same.

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