Vehicle wraps look good and are great at grabbing attention. But how does that translate to making you more money?

If you’ve been looking through our site for a while, you might be thinking that vehicle wraps seem like a great idea, but why should you invest in them when you could be spending the money on other, more common forms of advertising?

Creating branded company vehicles often ranks pretty low on the priorities list, but here are several reasons why spending some of your budget on vehicle wraps will be a great idea for your business.


Impressive Impressions 

Every time one of your cars or vans hits the road, vehicle wraps create an invaluable opportunity to connect with potential customers

Think about how much time your company spends making deliveries, running errands, driving to and from appointments, and now think about how many people must have seen you along the way. In fact, statistics from Geopath estimate that just one vehicle wrap can make up to 70,000 impressions per day!

Every time you pass a car while on a journey offers you a chance to make a sale. This is why your company name, logo, and contact details must be front and centre of the design!

Think about how your company vehicles look now. If you were a customer, looking at this vehicle, could you easily recognise the brand behind the wheel?

Would you know exactly where to go, and who to speak to, to make a purchase? And would you remember the details well enough, potentially half an hour or so later, when you finally stop to make the call?

If not, you should especially consider investing in a vehicle wrap.


Saving Money 

Vehicle wraps not only make you money by generating more contact with your target customers, but they can also save you money by offering a cheap – yet high quality – alternative to expensive car spray jobs.

With vehicle wrapping, you have the option to create memorable advertising that stays with your customers for days afterwards. Not only that, but unlike spray-painted cars, the wrap can be easily removed from home, allowing you to change your marketing message whenever needed.  

Vehicle wraps are also a cost-efficient way of revamping your vehicle when they start to show wear and tear. Using a car wrap makes your vehicle look freshly painted; and when the wrap itself starts to get worn, it’s very easy and quick to replace!


Flexible Options

The great thing about using a car wrap is that you don’t have to commit to the cost of wrapping the whole vehicle. You can opt to wrap just parts of your vehicle, such as the roof or doors, or by using decals or stickers.


Catch Missed Customers

Some customers who are put off by overt advertising in newspapers, magazines, television, or radio, will take more notice of a discrete vehicle.

Branded vehicles are harder for viewers to ignore, because if they are behind you on the road, they have no other choice but to look at your vehicle, whereas they can easily ignore advertising breaks on television or radio by (for example) getting up to make a cup of tea, and may get distracted when reading a newspaper or magazine.

You can also use branded vehicles in areas where you might not be able to use other forms of advertising, such as when you need to reach a particular audience who don’t consume traditional types of media.


Protect Your Vehicles

Vehicle wraps can even help to save you money and time in maintenance costs, as they help to protect the paintwork against light scratches and abrasions. They also help to block out damage from UV rays, which can cause paintwork to become faded or dull over time.  


Gain Customers’ Trust

It’s much easier to trust a professional when they arrive in a professionally branded car. Matching vehicles to uniforms helps to create the sense of a professional, trustworthy, and reliable business that your customers feel they can count on.

This creates a greater sense of comfort and ease, leading to better overall customer satisfaction and an improved chance of that customer returning in future.

This is particularly helpful if your target market may be suspicious of strangers at their door; for example, more elderly customers who may have suspicions regarding scams.


Benefit From Consistency

Using a car wrap means that your entire fleet of vehicles will look consistent in terms of their branding and their design, which can be especially useful to larger companies that may have many drivers out at the same time.

This consistency will help to maintain a professional, streamlined image. It also means that when you buy a new car for the company fleet, you don’t have to search for a particular model.


‘But I Only Have A Small Business!’

There is a common misconception that only large companies use wraps, but in fact, businesses of any size can use branded vehicles.

You also don’t need large commercial vehicles to use a car wrap. Wraps can be applied on cars, vans, and trucks of any size, and can be designed to fit – and even highlight – the shape of your vehicle!