If you run a business, you know that competition is tougher than ever. Standing out from your competitors in a crowded marketplace can be key, and intelligent advertising may be the best way to do it.

Vehicle wrapping involves adding a bespoke design to a car, motorcycle, other vehicle, or stand. It is highly customisable, versatile, and effective.

More businesses than ever are choosing to incorporate their logo, colour scheme, brand messaging, or contact details into a bespoke vehicle wrap — whether on a vehicle that they own, or as a sponsorship deal with another business.

Vehicle wrapping is also popular because it is a portable, constant way to advertise your business — whether attending a major event, a conference, or even just commuting to a job with a client.

Below, we explore five great ways that you can use vehicle wraps to advertise your business, team, event and more.


1. On Your Business Fleet

Vehicle wraps are a great way to add overall design cohesion to your business fleet, or the cars and trucks you use for jobs. A single design and colour scheme makes your team instantly recognisable to clients — both existing and potential.

It gives a sleek, professional look and can also continue to advertise your company wherever you go — even when parked!

It is especially popular to include your business logo, branding, and contact details or website within the vehicle wrap. Be sure to keep these up to date and your vehicle wrap will be a constant source of affordable and effective advertising.


2. On Your Own Car

You can also add a vehicle wrap to your own car to advertise your business — whether you use your car for work or just for personal use. Vehicle wraps can be as striking or as subtle as you prefer, as they are highly customisable and versatile.

If you use your car mainly for personal tasks but also have a business to advertise, a team you support, or any additional reason to advertise when you travel, a vehicle wrap is a great option. For a business car, it can be a necessity!

Many companies find that advertising is one of their biggest expenses — but also one of their greatest areas of return. Vehicle wraps are an excellent form of advertising because of their portability and high visibility.

However you use your car, whether personally or professionally, you can reach a wide range of potential customers whenever you are on the road. Compared with other high visibility advertising alternatives, that also have to be regularly updated or rented, vehicle wraps are an excellent option.


3. On A Bus

Vehicle wraps are not simply ‘one size fits all’. They can be made as large or compact as any vehicle you have access to. One great example is vehicle wraps for buses. This is a great option for advertising your business in a highly visible, impactful way all around your local community — and beyond.

It is an especially popular option for those advertising an upcoming event, but equally can be used for any business keen to advertise to a wide demographic.

Logos can be made large and striking, contact details can be made clear and rapid to read, and you can reach a huge number of people on a daily basis.


4. On A Food Truck

Vehicle wraps are excellent on moving vehicles as portable options, but they are equally effective when stationary. If you have a standing vehicle – such as a food truck, advertising stall, or booth at a conference, for example – a vehicle wrap can be a great addition.

A vehicle wrap can of course include your logo, branding, and contact details. But for stationary options, why not include more detail, such as your social media platforms or positive feedback from past customers?

These can all be incorporated by a reputable and experienced vehicle wrap design company. Be sure to select one that you can rely on for excellent technique as well as great designs.


5. On Sports Vehicles

Vehicle wraps are perhaps most famous for their use on motorsports vehicles such as race cars and motorbikes. Here, you will most likely see advertising for various sponsors — and your business could be one of them!

Vehicle wraps can be completely customised to incorporate specific logos, team colours, sponsors, and more.

The best vehicle wrapping services may also have experience in this specialised area, meaning that they can deliver under highly pressurised and time-sensitive circumstances.


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