If you own a business, then you know the importance of standing out from the competition. Car wrapping is a simple yet powerful way to promote your business all year round — and more companies than ever before are choosing to use it.

Car wrapping involves a professional team adding a striking, bespoke design to your vehicle that will promote your chosen message, logo, or business. The effect is sleek, cohesive, and very memorable — whether in personal or professional settings.

Car wrapping is acknowledged as an innovative and effective way of promoting businesses. Below, we take a look at some of the key ways that it achieves this, and how they could apply to you and your business.


1. Car Wrapping Is ‘Evergreen’


A huge advantage of car wrapping is that it is a constant, ‘evergreen’ form of advertising. It does not require anyone to be on-site or in a particular location to see it, such as on the premises of your business.

The advertising is always there on your company vehicle, regardless of whether you change your location, premises, or website, for example. For as long as you have a company car, your business can enjoy constant promotion!



2. Car Wrapping Is Portable


Bespoke vehicle wraps are incredibly striking and eye-catching for whoever passes them. The advantage is that they do not need to be in one static place such as on a billboard or sign that only certain people may pass. As advertisements, they are completely portable!

This allows you to make use of every journey and travel opportunity — even your daily commute — to advertise your business or sponsor. Your bespoke car wrap could include a logo, contact details, simply a stunning design with your business name, and more.

Car wrapping is especially effective if you are regularly attending events, conferences, or industry roadshows too. You are advertising to like-minded people and industry insiders without even having to open your mouth. Your stunning car wrap speaks for you and your business!


3. Car Wrapping Widens Your Demographic


Because car wrapping and vehicle wrapping is so portable, this can also mean that you are constantly widening your demographic. It is not only one type or age range of person that sees your advertisement, for example. It is whoever is on the road or in the vicinity, especially at busy times.

This can mean that your business is reaching those who may not otherwise have come across it. This can be a great way to ‘fill in the gap’ between those potential clients who may, for example, search for a business online and those who may not even know it exists.

While it is likely that other forms of advertising for your business may be very targeted and specific, a bespoke professional car wrap can be a powerful addition to your advertising that is constant, versatile, and affordable by comparison.



4. Car Wrapping Can Be A Money Maker


Car and vehicle wrapping does not only have to be a way for you to advertise your own business. You may also choose to advertise sponsors, or other businesses you collaborate with.

As an advertising opportunity, or for sponsors specifically, this can serve as additional income for you and your business.

You may choose for your car wrap design to combine both your business logo and the logo of a sponsor, for example, or even run monthly advertisements or sponsorships for paying clients. This can be especially successful for upcoming events or promotions.


5. Car Wrapping Creates Cohesion


Car wrapping is a great way to create visual cohesion in your team and company. If you have multiple vehicles, a service that sends out drivers or personnel, or simply want to foster a strong company culture visually, then car wrapping can be a great way to achieve this.

Car wrapping helps to ensure that your vehicles look official, distinctive, and instantly recognisable. It helps personnel to feel a part of the team, and has the additional benefits mentioned above of advertising on the go!

If company cars are used regularly or are visible to clients and customers, a variety of vehicles and designs can quickly create a sense of clutter and disorganisation. Car wrapping helps the company to embody an image that is sleek, cohesive, and ‘official’.


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