The New Year is right around the corner, and there has never been a better time to boost and upgrade your business.

But what are some of the best ways that you can make a change and stand out from the competition? Studies show that bolder advertising and greater visibility can be crucial to the success of a business, and entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for creative solutions.

One of the most powerful and striking ways to upgrade your business branding and advertisement is through vehicle wrapping. Vehicle wrapping involves adding an engaging, bespoke design to your car, business vehicle, or additional vehicles – such as local buses or even racing cars.

Vehicle wrapping is highly versatile, memorable and effective in advertising — which is why more businesses than ever are getting in on the act!

Read on to discover five simple but effective ways that vehicle wrapping could upgrade your business in 2022 and beyond.


1. Increase Your Visibility

The best vehicle wraps are incredibly striking. They help to instantly make your business vehicles more recognisable and memorable — whether out on jobs, visits, or even just casual errands.

Many businesses are focused on increasing their visibility either online or in print, such as through websites, magazines, and social media. This is an important aspect of advertising, but more physical and portable examples should not be overlooked.

Vehicle wraps can help to take your advertising out into the real world, attracting customers who might never have found you online.


2. Improve Your Aesthetic

Bespoke vehicle wraps are also an excellent way to upgrade the overall ‘look’ of your business. Matching vehicle wraps across a fleet of company cars can help to create a cohesive team, as well as one that is instantly recognisable to both new and existing customers.

Many businesses use uniforms as a way to improve the appearance, professionalism, and even teamwork of their personnel. Vehicle wraps can perform in a similar way, pulling the look of the business together and even helping to promote greater team spirit.

Your vehicles — and business — can soon become instantly recognisable with the right design.


3. Attract Sponsors

Vehicle wraps can be used to create additional revenue — whether for your own or others’ businesses. They are an increasingly popular way for sponsors to advertise, and are especially prevalent in motorsports and large scale events.

You could use a vehicle wrap on a sports vehicle to advertise your own business, for example, or rent out space on your own vehicle wraps for sponsors to advertise with.

Either way, the impact and relevance of vehicle wrapping are becoming more widely known across a range of businesses. Why not take advantage of this growing industry?


4. Get Creative

With vehicle wrapping, the only limit is your imagination. Vehicle wrapping has grown rapidly in popularity because of its visual impact, versatility, and the fact that it is highly customisable.

You can use vehicle wraps on your company cars or work vehicles, but also on buses, or vehicles at other events.

Our own professional vehicle wraps have been used successfully within business premises and on food trucks or standing stalls, for example.

Wherever you need a striking and effective design, whether permanently or for a self-contained event, a vehicle wrap can be a powerful solution.


5. Advertise ‘On the Road’

One great advantage of vehicle wrapping is that it is a highly portable form of advertising. Wherever you drive with your wrapped vehicle, you are bringing a powerful advertisement and emblem with you.

A customised professional vehicle wrap can mean that you are transforming activities such as the daily commute or running errands into a powerful advertising opportunity. Ensure that you have your logo and contact details visible, and you will be reaching a wider audience than you ever thought possible.

Vehicle wraps can also be ideal for wider events, roadshows, and conferences, for example. Your stall — or the vehicle you arrive in — could be decorated with a vehicle wrap to instantly catch the eye of peers and visitors.

Vehicle wrapping is not as static — or costly — as other forms of advertising that must remain in one physical location. Instead, it can be taken wherever you go – attracting new customers and spreading the message of your brand or business to all around.


For professional, bespoke vehicle wrapping that’s perfect for you and your business, contact us today!